Need some advice on the 06 Lilac

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  1. :shame:So I LOVE the 04 Lilac but obviously missed that boat. I can get my hands on a 06 Lilac, but from pictures, they seem very grey and not pink enough. Has anyone seen both in person and how do they compare? I love purple, as long as it has hints of pink and not too eggplant-ish...any ideas? advice? TIA!
  2. Hi i have the 06 Lilac in box and there is no grey or pink to it. I have never seen the 04 Lilac so i cannot comment on that one. I will include a pic for you and may be this can help you. I love mine. Good luck!:smile:
  3. Thanks Nanaz!
  4. You are welcome, it looks very cute in the box size too.;)
  5. Nanez~ I LOVE your Lilac bag!!!!!!!!:love:

    chriseve~ I am searching for a Lilac '06 too! All the leather I've seen is too veiny!!!:crybaby:
  6. Zac, mine is not too veiny and my SA at NM did a great job. :yahoo: What size are you looking for? may be she can help you out too.:heart:
  7. Nanaz~ you are an :angel: !!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. OH you are so sweet, any thing i can do to help any one out would make me happy.:love:
  9. Zacorey--Ann's Fabulous Finds have a Lilac for $965, but it's probably too veiny for your taste, check it out though:smile:
  10. Nanaz...u have a gorgeous bag :smile:
  11. Totally loving ya lilac box, Nanaz! :yes:
  12. e-pinpin & Nymph
    Thank you so much for your comments. I love it too and i think i made the right choice, buying the box in Lilac color. :yahoo:
  13. chris - I've never seen an '04 lilac IRL, but I do have the '06. I think the color on mine is on the pink-y side, and thankfully does not have too much gray in it.
    I've been meaning to call my SA at the Bal NY store to add my name to the waiting list for an '07 bag. I can check with him to see if they have any more lilacs in stock. :yes:

    Zac - I'll also ask him if they have any non-veiny lilacs for you. You're looking for a work, right?

    Nanaz - Love your lilac box!! :love:
  14. CATE--THANK YOU! I've heard mixed reviews onthe 06 Lilac, some say theirs are too greyish and some have more pink in theirs. I wish B will come out with another Lilac sooooooooooooon:smile:
  15. You're welcome! I'll give them a call tomorrow! [​IMG]
    And yes! I hope there'll be another lilac for '08! :nuts: