Need some advice (on returning items)

  1. Does anyone know how strict the Burberry return policy is?
    In December 2006 I bought the medium check tote bag at the store in nyc. Since then I've used it maybe 5 times? I don't really think it looks that good on me... I have saved the receipt, which says that they honor returns/exchanges within 30 days of purchase, with all of the tags. I unfortunatley can't find the tag, and it has been well over 30 days now. Help!! :shrugs:
  2. Honestly, I don't think they will take it back. You might want to call a burberry store and ask about their policy. You can look it up on the burberry website or go to the store and try to return it. Good Luck!
  3. I doubt they will take it back. Maybe if it was under 30 days but you state that it has been well over 30 days AND you dont have the tags so that's definitely pushing it.

    Yea, I would call the Burberry store you planned to bring it to and ask if they would accept it. Dont get your hopes up though
  4. I dont think they will take it back.
  5. If the policy is 30 days and you don't have the tag, I'd say it's a very slim possibility.
  6. thanks! i figured not either... but just wanted to validate my feelings of doubt. lolz.