Need some advice on purse website

  1. Hi. I've been selling authentic bags on eBay for a while now, but am changing venues. (basically I got suspended because people kept booting my listings because I would point out how to tell my reals apart from the fake ones out there and I think it freaked the fake sellers out. they would report me for fakes, excessive shipping ($15!!) etc. It was getting too frustrating and expensive anyway).

    So I have a website, but not many sales through there. It's partly a traffic issue, which I'm working on. But I wanted to know what makes you want to buy a bag from a website. What makes you trust it, what do you look for (not bags, but in a website).

    I try to appeal to the masses by selling high and mid range bags (Gucci & Fendi to Guess and Lauren).

    Any input would be great.

    (I need to keep up my income to afford my own bags!):p
  2. I don't have any advice for you...but wanted to say good luck on your endeavor! ;)
  3. I don't know how it works, but what if you contacted the Moderators about advertising on TPF?? You'd probably have to pay something upfront, but if you think you're going to continue selling for a while, it might be worth the investment.

    Honestly, I think the only way to generate business to a new website is by advertising.
  4. I wish you luck with your new venture :smile:
  5. IMHO What would make me trust a website is good photographs of the actual product - not just stock pictures. Also include a Mission Statement and maybe a FAQ section.
  6. All of the following define a website that I'd buy from:

    - secure (ssl)
    - others that I trust recommend the site.
    - good return policy
    - Up front terms and conditions
    - Customer service that resonds to my inquiries
    - real picture of real items (not the stock pic)
    - easy navigation/search
  7. I agree with finzup, especially with the good customer service and return policy.
  8. Check out The woman is devoted to authenticating bags. You can pay for her services that basically give you the go ahead to sell things. One of the first things you see on the website is "Is eBay ending you auctions?" A lot of TPFers talk about the site.
  9. I agree with what the others have said. :smile: I would also suggest maybe some kind of used bag rating system? Be honest about the condition of the bags. If there are scratches, or spots, or nicks or loose threads, whatever, list them and take pictures of them too.

    Also, fast communication is key for me. If I have to wait a long time to hear back on an email I've sent, it makes me nervous for some reason.
  10. What about the design of your website? Did you have a professional make you the website? Because a lot of sites look really "cheap" and I wouldn't trust them to be selling authentic bags. Appearance is everything :yes:

    Plus, I agree with everything finzup said.
  12. I will usually only trust a site to sell me authentic bags if it has a good reputation and I know other people who have had good experiences with it.
  13. I agree on the part of professional looking websites, secure shopping, some sort of authenticity guarantee, good return policy and customer service.
  14. Apparently people have been having communication issues with MyPoupette. They send money and get no response. People are recommending for authentication. I think her prices are much more reasonable too...