Need some advice on my Beverly

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Sep 10, 2007
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Some of you may be aware that I bought the beverly MM last week. Truth is I have not used it to date. I love the bag very much but everytime I bring it out to use, I have got too many things to put into my bag...I than put it back into the box waiting for the next chance. It has been going on for a week. I think this probably can go on forever because use bigger bags most of the time. I need to carry quite alot of things and the MM just cannot fit my stuff. Should I try to accommodate this pretty bag or should I just go and exchange for the GM so that it can become a more practical bag for me? I am a little frustrated that I cannot seem to scale down the things I have and fit it into the MM Beverly...I end up using my azur berkeley most of the time bcos it is spacious enough. Should I keep it and use it for special occassions which is like once in a while just bcos I like the bag or should I just upsize for GM...???:confused1:


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Feb 27, 2007
I would exchange it for the GM. It's just as pretty, but in your case (and I can relate) it sounds a more practical solution...


Feb 10, 2008
I owned this bag and had to give it up because I had the same problem. The GM is a lovely bag and will suit you better I am sure.