Need some advice on Luxury Ligne

  1. Hello all!
    I am ready to purchase my first chanel bag and am loving the luxury ligne flap and medium bowler bag in either metallic black or silver.
    I am undecided on which style and also what color to get!
    What do you think is the best style for everyday use and color to take through the seasons.
  2. both are gorgeous, i have the flap in bronze and its an easy to wear style good for dressup and down. Both styles are easy for day - i think it depends on personal taste. As for color balck is always a classic...HTH
  3. thanks!
    I have not considered the bronze color!
  4. If you need a black bag go for the black metallic if you can find it. I have several so I wanted something different and I definitely got that with the dark silver bowler. It is so unique and gorgeous!
  5. The luxe ligne is a beautiful way to start your Chanel collection! :love: Good choice! :graucho:
  6. are you pretty little?
    I am about a size 6 and can't fit the bowler comfortably on my shoulder, fuggedaboutit if I have a coat on!

    I have the black metallic flap and it's heavenly, TOTALLY comfy and the color is classic.
  7. That's surprising because I am a 4/6 and have no problem fitting the bowler on my shoulder, even with a coat on. I have the bowler in Khaki and absolutely love it. I guess I'm biased when I say that you should get the bowler. BUT, I really like the flap also, and I'm considering it for my next purchase.

    As for colour, metallic black is probably a more everyday colour, but the silver is gorgeous and a little different and unique. Personally, I would buy the silver (or khaki).
  8. Did you have the small one? The medium bowler is quite comfy on the shoulder.
  9. Hi there,
    I am quite small.
    What is the interior of these bags made of?
    Thanks for all your help guys!