Need some advice on confirmation for SOs

  1. I apologize for this silly post but I'm trully at a loss. I just placed a SO on the Feb'07 podium. However, note, this was actually a resubmittal as my initial SO (placed in Feb'06) went missing (yes, even after being confirmed.:confused1: )

    With that said, I do realize they just returned from the podium. However how long should I wait before I can trully panic over my SO status? When I last visited the boutique, I was told that my SA will try to find out in the next couple of weeks. It's been two weeks and still no word. What do I do now? I have no other lust items to buy from the boutique for the time being so...:shrugs: I'm hardly in the area, unless I have nearby appointments. And lately my work schedule has been entirely too hectic for random drop-ins. I just don't want to be a pest, KWIM? So I guess that rules out occasional phone calls. :push:

    Last but not least, I've recently found out (via TPF) that my color chosen wasn't offered. No problem as I have another choice for July. But how can I if my SA hasn't called yet? I know... be patient. Yet if you ladies (and gents) have any pearls of wisdom, I would be utterly grateful. TIA!:biggrin:
  2. I could well be dead wrong here, so the experts better chime in and correct me here.

    Is yours a podium order or a special order?

    Every Hermes buyer (store manager and assistants who accompany her/him on the buying trip) will place orders for H bags and all the other merchandise (small leather goods, belts, accessories etc) based on a list that is provided by Paris that trip. And specificially for bags, they will be given a list that RANKS the availability of leather/colour. So of course new colours/leather will be in abundance, followed by whatever colours Paris has decided to supply.

    If your colour/leather is one of the combos in the list, your order will be a podium order. Straight and simple, and your SA can tell you it's done.

    If it isn't, your store can do one of 3 things:-

    (1) cancel your order and say it's not available
    (2) order an alternative colour for you (sometimes even without you asking) which may well be an order for the floor, and when it comes, offer it to you. This is why some customers go to their managers and give 3 options, in their priority of preference.
    (3) decide to offer you one of their quotas of store SOs, and place a SO for you. This can be highly subjective. It can be a yay or nay too.

    Results of SOs are not confirmed until a couple of months down the road. Podium orders are done, done. SOs are still being submitted and confirmation will come later.
  3. Thank you so much for the very thorough explanation. Unfotunately I'm not sure if it's a PO or SO yet. My SA kept referring to it as a SO that will be submitted at the podium. Hopefully I'll hear something by May... *sigh* I just hate not knowing.
  4. Hang in there. At least you've got to the point you can SO a bag. That's great in itself:smile:
  5. I know... be positive. I think it's time to really whip out Entre Nous so that I can better appreciate that honor. Hopefully I can gain some patience as well.
  6. ^^ Very true! I envy you!
  7. hermes_lemming: I feel for you, but remember one thing and that is you are the customer. The SA's are there for you and they have a job because of you and all of us. So, call now...don't worry! If she can't give you an aswer just ask why? No are not a pest.
  8. HL, someone I knew placed a SO long time ago. She kept asking and they could never tell her whether it was confirmed or not (they kept saying they didn't know and that the headquarter wouldn't give them any answers). And then one day, just out of the blue, my friend got a call from the store telling her that the bag had arrived.

    So, don't despair!:yes:
  9. *sigh* You ladies are so sweet and supportive. Thank you! :flowers:

    The hunt can be so disparaging at times, you know? I mean, c'mon now... I'm doing everything by the book, established a relationship (not once but twice!) and yet no dice. :rant:

    I just want to know what's going on. I already know through TPF that my requested colors are not offered... Fine... Just tell me that so that I can order something else. KWIM?!

    I went back to the boutique a week ago (that's when I saw those glorious shoes) and yet nada.:hysteric:

    The upside to that whole visit was that I had the unexpected pleasure of viewing some beautiful leather. However my choice colors were not available. My SA promised to find them and finally get the status of my SOs.

    That was a week ago.:hrmm: I apologize for this vent but I'm just a bit peeved at the moment.
  10. Hermes Lemming: Join the Club..darling!! Im "Still" waiting for that phone call whether my Podium or SO is confirmed or not. Last time I spoke to my SA (1st week of March) was that a podium or SO takes 2 months from Feb 2007 podium to take before confirmation. My SA told me by April 2007 I will be notified which ones got approved..Colors or Leather.

    So..Im hanging in there patiently,anxiously until APRIL!

    We're on the same boat!!! It's driving me bonkers!!!:cursing:
  11. Although there can be a fine line between inquiring and nagging, and I'm sure you'll know how to sweetly ask about your SO without crossing that line. But waiting until next month sounds like a good idea.
  12. Dear HL,

    What Kou said above is very very true. I called every month to check on my Birkin. And it was always very frustrating to hear replies that did not seem to be leading anywhere. They told me to be patient and that it was indeed coming soon.

    And after just 8 months, it arrived! So yes, in short, don't despair. :yes:
  13. I understand where you're coming from - it's awful waiting for something you want so much!

    Patience is not one of my virtues, I'm the sort of person who buys Christmas presents for people and then wants to give them straight away! Hmmm...maybe I'm not really cut out for Hermes...;)
  14. I was told a few weeks back that my SO was accepted, and will arrive before the end of the year. It was an SO, not a podium order, but happened to be placed at the time of the podium.

    I was also told last weekend that a beige-rose order I asked about would not be placed this year, better luck next year. Bummer.
  15. I don't know if it's the same when you place a SO at FSH...

    But when I've placed mine in Feb, my SA give me a Order Number
    and told me to call her back in September to have a better idea of the arrival of my Birkin (her guess beetwen September and December).