Need some advice on Coach wallet...

  1. I'm thinking of buying a Coach wallet. I really don't like changing wallets as often as the bags so I was wondering, what color do you think is best that will go well with the bags I regularly rotate--solid black leather bag and siggie choco brown. I'm debating between a black or brown wallet but I tend not to be too imaginative with color combos and so if you have any suggestions, I'd welcome them! Thanks!
  2. I use *mostly* brown bags with some color thrown in. I used to carry a brown Mini Skinny, but recently bought a Chelsea Leather Multifunction Wallet in Parchment...I figured the off-white color with go with EVERYTHING. Brown, black, any color of bag I decide to use.

    I think maybe you should go with a colored Sig or leather, turquoise, pink?

    The Bordeaux version of that wallet would go with black and brown!

    This is the one I have...Parchment or Mineral would match black and brown as well.
  3. I've been mainly carrying my Legacy bags so I've been using my Legacy Stripe accessories. With other bags I have accessories in Parchment.

    Another alternative is the Khaki Signature with Black Leather trim.... that way you are covered for brown/black bags.

  4. Excellent ideas! See I told you I tend not to think outside the box. I would never have thought to use other colors apart from black and brown. Now I'm excited to shop:okay:
  5. I have bags in pretty much every color (brown, black, plum, various signatures, even juniper soon!) and I also decided that I'm tired of changing wallets. So for Christmas I got a Bleecker checkbook wallet in Wine for my husband to give me. Im hoping that since its such a beautiful rich color that goes with absolutely nothing, it will become the perfect neutral and go with everything!!! I also looked at the British Tan and that was my second choice, but the color of the wine is so stunning I just decided on it. All the Coach SA's agreed and said that pop of color would work well with just about every bag.
  6. i vote for a black wallet, always classic and go with everything.
    Though i carry most of the time a deep, dark burgundy embossed leather wallet. really love it.
  7. I have a black, and a brown that just rotate between bags.
  8. I think the black leather w/ khaki sig is a great idea - covers you for both black or brown bags. Either that, or a bright color- it will pop against any bag you carry, and be easy to find in your bag.

    Maybe the Legacy wallet in chili? That red is stunning!

    Or, you coud go for a metallic - those new wallets on the website are lovely.

    Good luck!
  9. I don't change my wallet, ever.
    For years I carried a khaki/vachetta wristlet as my wallet.
    A few weeks ago I got a khaki/vachetta zip around accordian wallet and I love it. It's pretty neutral.
    I do use it in all my bags, black too.
    Have fun shoppin'!!

  10. I absolutely agree with donnalynn. I too just purchased the bleecker wallet this past Friday (ignoring that I was on a ban) and I got the wine color because it is the perfect "neutral" that isn't a "blah". I used to play it safe by going either with black or brown but that's just too boring.
  11. Handbag-ho, yay for us! Bold and daring wallet twins, huh?! Good choice!
  12. I recently got a signature wallet in khaki/chestnut. This will go with most of my bags except perhaps the black. I had a tobacco colored leather coach wallet that got pretty scratched up looking.