Need some advice on Chanel bags

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  1. I am currently saving up to buy my very first Chanel bag :smile: But, since kinda don't have an idea on which one I wanna buy (actually I do know which one I kinda want, but I dont know if it still will be there when I go to buy it), so I need some opinions on many in case I dont find the one I want.

    I want to get a Chanel bag that can be used for any occassion. I was thinking of getting a black one, but some of the white ones look good. Also, there was that big orange one I saw with Nicole Richie that I liked...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. And if you have any pictures too that would help!

  2. I know a lot of people here will say a classic black flap, perhaps a jumbo. Always a classic and great choice for many. I think it depends on how much stuff your routinely carry. Another great choice would be a GST if you tend to carry more than the normal city essentials.
  3. How much are the average prices for the jumbo bags? I like medium and big sized bags over small ones.

    And, what is a GST? Would I be able to find a picture of it online?

  4. :jammin:Get the classic flap with the color based on what color of wardrobe you have more.. It's the basic for a first timer. You can use it everyday.My first Chanel Bag was a white classic flap caviar in jumbo size.
  5. Look in the Chanel reference library and the other stickies with action pictures and Chanel family pictures. There are plenty of photos of various purses. You should also go to a Chanel boutique or other store near you (if possible) so you can see the various purses and try them on.

    I would agree that the classic flap (jumbo or m/l) would suit you. It comes in caviar leather (which is sturdy) and you can get black or white with silver or gold hardware. The GST= grande shopping tote. It is a great day bag, but is open on top (there is also a zipper middle section). There are also plenty of GST pics in the reference threads.
  6. I'll chime in with agreement, the classic flap is timeless and easily goes well with evening and day engagements. I suggest the large (in between size of the medium and jumbo). The coated lambskin is wonderful!
  7. Thank you everyone with your replies :smile:

    I would like to know the price range for these bags though. So if anyone could give me an average then I would know an estimate on how much to save for.

  8. Hi there! Great that you're taking the plunge!!!
    Check out the Chanel reference library and do some searches on this forum - prices and measurements are there! Happy shopping!
  9. Hi Neem.

    Caviar jumbos are $2650, and I think lambskin is $2850. Prices are going up very soon though.

    GST= grand shopping tote. There is also a smaller PST (petit shopping tote). I'm not sure how much they are.

    You're not likely to get a bag (unless it's a teensy one or a non-leather one) for less than $2000. I did, however, just get an Ultimate Soft for $1840 and the price just went up from $1595 in early March, so it's hopefully not likely to go up again for several months.

    I agree that a classic flap is a great first Chanel. My first (only about 6 weeks ago, so I'm a newbie too) was a medium/large black caviar flap with silver hardware (currently $2350).

    When browsing through the reference library, bear in mind that prices have gone up *several* times in the past couple years, so prices from 2006 or even 2007 will be very outdated.

    From my experience, Chanel can be intimidating because they don't have all of their styles/prices laid out on their website the way LV and others do. Also, stores don't always call bags by the same names that tPFers do (many tPFers seriously know more than the SAs). So, like the others said, I would spend some time reading through the reference library and generally through the Chanel forum to get an overview and see if anything jumps out at you. Once you have some basic knowledge, go to a store and try things on.

    Just to throw out another idea for you - since you said you like bigger bags and since I really want one... lol) - check out the accordion flap. It's gorgeous!

    Well, good luck. Feel free to come back to us for opinions, and keep us posted!!
  10. Thank you jellybeanz! All that information helps :smile:

    One of the Chanel bags I had in mind was this one:


    Is that a jumbo? And the even greater question is; is it still available? And what is its name? Because I think this might be the bag I want (except I want a version where the lock has the Chanel CC logo on it instead, if it exists). But, it is a decision between that orange-ish color, a black one, or a white one.
  11. Here is a pic of my, just arrived yesterday, GST

    This is my 3rd Chanel, 1st was Cabas tote in large, 2nd was Classic Caviar medium flap in black with silver hardware. It's addictive!
  12. i will go for the jumbo caviar flap, its classic it holds tons and it will be with you forever.

    in terms of colour well black seems obvious but any colours would look nice in this style.

    good luck in choosing ur first chanel.
  13. Thanks LT Bag lady! That is a beautiful bag by the way. Congrats on getting it!

    I also have another question. Would the jumbo flaps be too much for a young person? I am still fairly young, so would my best bet be just to try them on in a boutique and see if the look fits me/is age appropiate/and if i can pull it off?
  14. nicole richie's is a vintage and they haven't been releasing that kindof red for flaps for a while now, which is a shame.

    i think maybe go to a boutique and check it, but i'm sure you can pull it off. check the "celebrity using chanel" thread in the reference library, there's a toon of young starlets using it and they all look good.
  15. Thanks florapaul!

    This one looks similar to Richie's, is this one still available?