Need some advice on antigona leather.

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  1. I'm looking to purchase a medium black antigona tote for work. I'm deciding between the shiny black or the goatskin. I don't want a bag that will lose it's structure ... I have experienced that with all my other bags and it is a huge pet peeve of mine. Does anyone have these bags and have you had any slouching ? Is one more structured than the other? Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Hi, I have a small and medium calfskin - the medium has sagged a bit but not the small - it is like the first day!
    Good luck with your decision!
  3. Hi

    If you want a structured look, don't get goat as its going to sag and slouch. The new calf leather will hold its structure better. Shiny calf or pebbled calf.

    Don't get the goat. It gets very soft.

    I've also been doing my homework before getting a black pebbled calf in medium. The SA says that the pebbled calf is firmer and will hold its shape better.

    Let me know what you have decided.
  4. I agree with hannahchloe. I got a shiny calf Antigona for the same reason. The only worry is that you might have to worry a tiny bit more about scratches than you would with goat, but most of the posters here have said the shiny calf has been holding up for them reasonably well. Mine has too so far, but I've only had it for a few months.
  5. I've had my shiny Antigona since November and no problems/scratches so far (and this is after taking it on the tube most days and it's been rained on a LOT).

    It is prone to white marks but these are easily cleaned off.
  6. I just ordered the shiny black medium. Will let you all know once I receive, thanks for the advice!
  7. Congratulations! Can't wait to see your photos once you get it.

  8. did you apply anything on your shiny antigona to help repel water and protect it?

  9. Hey rangeles. I use Mulberry's Collonil Gel to protect and waterproof. Sometimes my Antigona gets white smears on it (I'm guessing from hand oil etc) and this takes it right off and leaves it super shiny.

  10. thanks you!! I'm going to try this