Need some advice on a Legacy Bag....

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I would like some advice on a Legacy bag that would be similar to the original Legacy Satchel (10330). I had always wanted the Legacy Satchel and lucked out in December when I found it at Belk for a great price. I carried it around the house and finally decided it was just too heavy for me. It seemed heavy before I put all my belongings into the bag. I finally sold it on eBay and have missed it over and over again. I guess that is what you call post selling dissonance.

    My question is, what followed in the satchel Legacy line after the 10330 style and what would you suggest that would have a similar look, but lighter? I just found a Coach Legacy Wallet today at Tj's and immediately purchased it asap! It was the long slim wallet in black and it would have exactly matched my bag I sold. I missed it all over again.:crybaby: Any suggestions?? Thank you much in advance!!
  2. Does it have to be leather ? I love the legacy leather too but if it is too heavy for you, I would suggest maybe a signature Ali flap or signature Mandy which is like the satchel, only with a shoulder strap. If you are only interested in the leather, maybe the 06 shoulder bag which has the double pockets with turlocks, only it is smaller ? Good luck ! Make sure you have these bags authenicated in the authenicate this thread first before buying on ebay. There are a lot of fakes out there !

  3. Yes, I forgot to say I do want leather.
  4. Here is a pic of my legacy shoulder bag. Its very roomy yet light weight. I really love it.

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  5. Oooh, Kimmie .... love the color of that Legacy Shoulder Bag.
    windy -- I have the same bag as Kimmie in black and I love it. I don't like heavy bags either because I am old and just can't carry them around, but this one fits nicely over the shoulder (even mine!) and is comfortable.
    Also, the Legacy is great leather!
  6. I think that Shoulder bag would be perfect - I don't have it, but I've tried it on a couple of times and it's a nice weight and looks to have a lot of room. There's also the Leigh - that's a Legacy bag as well and is a nice size. I know what you mean about those big bags - I bought the Thompson Hobo last weekend and took it back - it was just too huge and by the time I put stuff in it, it was seriously heavy!

  7. I absolutely LOVE this bag, Kimmie!! But then you already know I have a pink bag fetish!! ;)
  8. I agree with those who say go for a shoulder bag. I have one too and it does fit on my shoulder, even with my fat arms! Plus it is more lightweight but very roomy. I am a big purse kind of gal yet I carry this one all the time.
  9. I vote for the 06 should bag too! I have 2 (whiskey and black) and I absolutely love them!
  10. Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate your advice!!