Need some advice??=o(

  1. Ok I just got my pink check med tote today and I love it. I have one concern though I was looking at the handles and I swear they are not real leather. On the Burberry site it says it's real leather, they are already cracking. To me it makes it look like the bag is a fake because of the way the "leather" is cracking. I called Burberry and they said it's 100% leather. What should I do??? Opinions needed please!:crybaby:
  2. One of my friends has that bag but in small. I do remember looking at it and b/c the handles are flat and thin it may feel a little different. I do understand what you mean though. It definitely wasn't soft leather. Did you address your concerns when you called the store? Do you know if you can at least exchange it since the handles are already cracking?
  3. HI,
    as for your pink check tote, all the tan trimmings are 100% leather, as leather is a natural material, over time.. it will become worn as it reacts with the sweat in your hands...etc BUT.. you said it was new.. i suggest you take it back and address them with your concern... they should exchange another one for you.