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May 26, 2009
hello everyone,

I wanted to seek some advice as I have recently set my sights on getting an Evelyn bag (PM size) and preferably pre-owned, but I have concerns because I am a guy and I am concerned that with getting an Evelyn I or II the non-adjustable strap would be a big concern if I wanted to wear the bag as a cross-body bag,

I'm 5' 9" and around 175 lbs and which is not exactly 'slim'.
And so I have a few questions :

  • Have any of you gentlemen successfully worn the Evelyn PM, versions I or II, as a cross-body bag in spite of the non-adjustable nature of the strap ?
  • How much would it cost for me to purchase an Evelyn III strap new from the store (just the strap only, with intention of using it on an Evelyn I or II) ? I assume the strap for an Evelyn III PM costs the same as an Evelyn III GM, no ?
  • And as an off-topic, what colors/materials do you think would be appropriate for a guy to wear the Evelyn ?

Thanks so much in advance.


Sep 2, 2006
Have you had a look at other current threads which discuss this:

There are also several threads on purchasing straps; be advised this is not always easy to do.

Please have a look at these, and feel free to contribute to an existing discussion. Thanks!
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