Need Some Advice...Help!

  1. OK...dilemma....I called all the Saks in the US (they're having the EGC event if I buy a Bal I can get a $150 GC and no sales tax).

    The only 2 bags that remotely interest me are a vert gazon twiggy and an anthracite twiggy.

    I personally like to have bold bright colors in a smaller bag (a la twiggy or first) and save the neutrals for the city size.

    What should I do? What would you get? Any of them? None of them?

    I have a sky blue twiggy, and a red one on the way. I am planning on getting the violet twiggy too. And probably a black or plomb city.

    I have a wishlist 800 miles long of older bags...go for one of these? or stash the cash for a rainy day?

    I think I'm so tempted because of the $150 GC...but then again both these colors are on my list. UGH!

    I pretty much have until tonight to decide (both SAs go home at 6 PM) and have them put it aside to ring up tomorrow!
  2. OMG, I think you should JUMP on that vert gazon twiggy!
  3. I would get the anthracite. It is such a stunning and unique color that really has some beautiful tones in it. Anthracite might be a bit too close to plomb even though they have different undertones. Anthracite seems to be getting harder to find, so if you want that color, I would get it now rather than having to search for it later on.
  4. i prefer the anthracite!
  5. The anthracite is a pretty problem is whether it is too much of a neutral fr a smaller bag...and I have an anthracite Paddy which is a similar size.....I probably would've preferred the anthracite in a city.

    Anyone think I should scratch either one and just sock the money away in case a killer deal shows up on eBay? LOLOL
  6. If you aren't in love with either one, I say wait until one you are totally happy with comes along. Anthricite is a lovely color, and if you like the twiggy style it might be worth it to you.
  7. VERT GAZON TWIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I LOVE vert gazon! So I would say jump on the VG twiggy! It would look super cute in that shape! :tender:
  9. as much as i love anthracite, i would get the vert gazon...
    that color seems to be very hard to find, and i have a feeling you'll be kicking yourself if you don't scoop it up now...
  10. ^^^oh wow really? I didn't know it was one of the harder S/S colors to find!
  11. I really like vert gazon, I think the leather is better too.
    Anthra and plomb are not similar except they're both dark - I compared them at the boutique myself on Monday. Anthra looks like petrol mixed with black, and plomb like silvery charcoal with navy. Completely different :yes:
  12. Vert Gazon First just arrived and I adore it. I could certainly cope with a little bit more of that bright green leather myself. I suggest that you snap up the VG Twiggy!
  13. France: Anthra & plomb do look different in pics.....and since I have an anthra paddy I think I'd probably want those in a bigger bag (city)!

    Hmmm...I could also go with an aquamarine twiggy that I also found....and maybe that's enough green....

    VG goes perfect with my school (I go to Notre Dame LOL)!
  14. Twiggers hon, I would jump on the VG, too! The color is just bright enough to pop and I think it'd look great on a Twiggy! The Twiggy seems to be becoming your namesake bag, haha! I love your growing collection, the colors sound so great!
  15. are you just buying a bag to save money? I do that all the time.
    I say wait for what you really want.