need some advice from you expert ladies

  1. hi ladies I have been eyeing a 35 swift birkin combo color from a reseller. the bag is stamped C in a square so in terms of production years its 8 yrs old. However, the bag has never been used before. The reseller wants around 6500 for it. I know a brand new 35 birkin is in stores now for about 7500. So do you ladies think its worth it to get this particular birkin. I am saving a thousand dollars but the saving isnt extordinary....and I kinda have to keep in mind the bag was produced 8yrs ago so if i ever want to let it go and resell it i wont get a very good resell value even if it is very very lightly used (am i right about this comment??) Not very sure about birkin resale prices yet..since SF has no resell stores I can check out like NY.

  2. how can it be swift? swift is new just within the last year or so......
  3. really.....I just re-read the description it says the bag is Veau Swift Leather and shes a very trusted reseller here on this forum..?
  4. just read up on the leather reference book. says swift is the same as GULLIVER. which was used about 7 urs ago. maybe this bag is gulliver leather but since its the same as swift the seller used the name swift since people know it better?

  5. i think they are basically the same but i think swift is a little softer and thinner. however i am not an expert. i bet you are right--maybe the seller is using swift b/c buyers newer to the brand may not know the name gulliver.????
  6. as for your question about price--it is quite a premium for an 8 year old bag BUT some color and color combos are so rare that the premium is (somewhat) justified...........
  7. Basically, the bag is new. It is less than retail, and no tax, right? If you love it....well, you know.......:tup:

    Resale is what the market will bear, a search on eBay will reveal that buyers will pay an even bigger markup than this for the right piece.
  8. $6,500.00 and no tax for a never used but 8-year old bag that you LOVE is a good price IMO.

    I purchased my Rouge H Box Birkin for below retail same situation as you find yourself in except mine was 5 years old when I bought it.....never pristine condition.....and I feel so lucky to have it!!!!

    I think if you love the bag, then it's worth the price.
  9. there is tax. tax is 8.25% CA rate. so the bag comes out to like 7100 i believe....
  10. in my decisions condition is the key, not actual age -- as a consumer i would be willing to pay exactly the same price for identical unused birkins even if one were significantly older than the other.
  11. Even with CA tax, that's still below the retail by a decent amount, and if it's the bag I believe it to be, it's a very rare combination that must have been special ordered.
    I also wondered about the seller calling it Swift, but the Gulliver - Swift comparison makes sense, I guess.
    I would say that it's a good deal on a highly unusual bag and since I believe it won't be your first Birkin and won't necessarily be an everyday bag for you, if you like it, get it!