Need Some Advice from the H Ladies and Gents

  1. Good Morning All.. I need some advice.

    So here's the deal.. By a stroke a bad luck, my Louis wallet fell into a heap of clothes that went into the washer. :wtf: I only noticed this after the cycle went through and I was moving the close into the dryer. H Gods at work? :confused1: Although the wallet is in pretty decent shape, the inside leather is a little bit bubbly, I can't get myself to use it anymore. It just doesn't look the same to me. :crybaby:. I was wondering if I should replace the wallet with an H card holder or save up and get an H billfold. I only need to carry my ID and my Amex and the bills, when I carry cash, I can just put in my pocket. When I carry my backpack, I can put the bills in my Louis agenda along with the random store cards..

    My thing is that I've always had a problem buying small accessories..I have like a drawer full of wallets at home: Random wallets I've collected over the years. Would the card case be a good substitute or something that I'd just get frustrated with soon? I think I can always use the card case when I become a professional too...

    Decisions Decisions..
  2. what type of wallet were you using prior to the laundry mishap? i mean were you pleased with the general wallet? if you were, then it makes sense to replace it with a similar style.
  3. oh, i was going to say, from your description that the clarisse would be good for you. can you elaborate on why you passed - i was considering it for the same purpose you listed.
  4. I think that for the moment, you should just use one of the wallets floating around your drawer at home. Think about what you really need for daily use and then go look at the H boutique. I wouldn't jump into anything given your past track record with wallets that did not do it for you.

    I have used a card holder as wallet for periods of time. Just a few cards and cash. I do this a lot when traveling. But I have the advantage of having a handbag for other random things that you might otherwise put in a wallet.

  5. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. See that's what a little voice in my head was saying...I just didn't want to listen to him/her/them/it/whatever! I think that I can go without a wallet purchase for another year or so...if I use till death the wallets I have now..I can't really sell them because they aren't all big splashy names. If I start saving now, I'll be able to afford that Havanne or Miel Croc billfold!
  7. I second that. Think about it before going into Hermes and buying whatever to substitute the one you just washed hehe. Hermes isn't the cheapest brand to just buy and then regret. Get something that makes you REAL happy!!
  8. Item number: 300100447773
    This is your case I believe. This is another alternative if you really found that this is what did it for you. Find one on eBay that isn't too much.
  9. ITA!!!:yes:
  10. :yes:
  11. Wow..Little Mrs. Detective..
    That is my case in Damier!

  12. Yup, this is what you should do. And then, the next time you are at an H boutique, you should ask to see what they have. It took me several weeks of thinking and analyzing to decide on a wallet - bags are MUCH easier!

    Also, the boutiques usually have a nice selection of small leather goods in both neutral and bright colors. More important, they often turn out to be things that I had a different idea about just from seeing pictures. It took me three trips to figure out what was exactly perfect for me.

    Good luck! Think of all those wallets in your drawer as part of the winnowing process, so you know exactly what you need when you finally go to get it!
  13. H does not make anything similar. I pulled my LV card holder (which I have subsquently lost full of cards!) out at the H store a while back and asked for something similar and the smaller Clarisse was what was suggested. It is something H should make.
  14. Now that I think of it, isn't there something called a "Thill"? I can't remember anything about it except that I have it on my mental list to look at the next time I get to Hermes, because I am thinking of it for a card case. See if this works, LaVan has one: