Need some advice from fellow Coachies...

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  1. Hey girls (and boys!),

    I am in a bit of a dilemma. I am lusting after the white Penelope Leather Large Shopper but I am terrified of spending that much money on a bag and it ending up at the outlets in a month or two. I stepped away from Coach for a little, (on a ban of course), and when I came back I saw the bag.

    What do you think the chances are of this bag ending up at the outlet soon?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Maybe by summer. They haven't been out all that long.
  3. Things have been moving to the outlets so fast lately that Im with you and think it wont be long. Ive banned myself from boutique purchases.
  4. I am with Britt that it probably will be late spring/early summer before you find this bag at the outlet.
    But with Coach you never can tell....the deletes have been hitting the outlet in record time lately.

    There are some similar factory bags in other colors (Kelly green, lavender, geranium-ish) in the pebbled leather at the outlet right now if you are not completely sold on the white color.

    But if you get the white one be sure to spray it with Apple Guarde first to prevent color transfer issues.
    Coachs white leather scares the bejeezus out of me.
  5. I kind of refuse to shop the boutiques, too. Only because you just never know!
  6. Some bags will be deleted and sent back to Jax only being released at certain outlets, if any. It seems to depend on how popular the bag is.
    If you really want it, buy it and either use it, or leave the tags on for awhile to see if it gets deleted.If it does get deleted and sent to the outlet, you can buy your outlet bag and return the full-price one.

    Just so you know,PCE should be coming up, so you could buy it for 25% less next month.:yes:
  7. Thanks girls!! You've made my decision to hold out for it to show up at the outlets a bit easier. I've been really upset that Coach has been pulling the bags from boutiques so quickly and I can definitely wait a few months for my gorgeous new white bag. I was BAD last year so I am trying to tone it down a bit anyway.. at least as far as Coach goes :smile: