Need some advice for V Day (with pics)

  1. Hello Again, I'm pondering getting my fiance a First for Valentines. My top choices right now are Anthracite 07 - described as thick, smooshy and distressed, Rouille 06 - thick and distressed with slight warming on handles, Black 05 S/S - very thick and buttery, in excellent condition, or a new Black 08?

    Anthracite 07

    Rouille 06

    Black 05 S/S

    I would really appreciate some advice :smile:


  2. I would get her the 05 black first. It's a classic and the 05 leather is supposed to be the best. Second choice, would be the anthracite because it's such a chameleon-like color. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  3. I agree with simona's assessment! The 05 black is a classic but anthra is a wonderful alternative to a classic neutral and is unique in its own right!

    And, by the way, may I add that you are a FABULOUS fiance for doing this!
  4. Anthracite for me!!
  5. i vote for anthra!
  6. wow, I just wanted to say you are such a good fiance! its going to be her second Bal right :love:
    when will my DH be like that LOL :shrugs:

    ooh btw i recommend the black and anthra too!
  7. anthrafirst! it rolls off the tongue ;)
  8. My vote is for Anthracite or Black. It's really sweet of you to be buying this for her :tup:
  9. Another vote for anthra!
  10. Ok, I know she loves the Rouille 06 colour, but talking to Ann on Ann's Fabulous Finds this may not be the one for her present. Although I think it looks great.

    So its between a classic 05 S/S Black First and a wonderful Anthracite 06 First that is also soft and smooshy (lord! the terminology you learn here) :p

    Glistens it would be her first First, and she has a BG 08 City, an 07 Jaune Money and a few other bits....



  11. my vote is for the delicious 05 First!

    what an incredibly lucky lady, i have to keep my bags a secret from my husband!
  12. Jim, I'm starting to think you're buying these bags for yourself.... :graucho:
  13. I'm going to vote shockingly against my usual preference for color. I vote 05 Black First. For one thing, 05 Black is timeless and fabulous all round and you can never go wrong with it. For another, as much as I love Anthracite, and in fact love the color more than any of the ones you're considering, it seems to be "not enough" in a First. To get the most out of the lovely chameleon-like, complex and indescribable color of Anthracite, you should showcase it in a larger swath of leather, like in a City or larger.

    So I say 05 Black.
  14. Black first...all the way....
  15. definitely the 05 black gets my vote