Need Some Advice first b. bag purchase

  1. Hey Everyone!

    I am new here and needed some help with my first b. bag purchase.

    A couple of weeks ago my bf :heart: and I went to Neimans (short hills) where he saw me drooling over a Matelasse bag which happened to be on sale (around $1300). Of course he was not planning to spend so much on my x-mas gift so we ended up leaving the mall empty handed (there was absolutely nothing else I liked there).

    Then a week later he tells me that he had gone back to the store to get me the bag but the bags that were on sale had all been sold (obviously).

    Seeing as how he was going to spend the money anyways (and I can save him some), I took him to BAL NY last Saturday so that I can pick out the b.bag that I really wanted.

    After much deliberation with colors and him shaking his head to almost all of them (he did enjoy the rocks they had piled in the store lol) I chose the magenta 08 Twiggy (it is still in the bag in my closet).

    I mean don’t get me wrong I am absolutely in love with it but initially wanted the Vermillion 08 Twiggy. The kind sales girl said they didn’t have it in yet and would probably be arriving in two weeks.

    Now I am kind of thinking I jumped the gun. I really can’t wear a Magenta colored bag in the winter time? Or can I? :confused1:

    I mean summer is just around the corner (or so I would like to think so).

    I guess what I am really trying to say is that I don’t know weather I should exchange it for a different colors. I may only have 5 days to contemplate this decision.

    Please help, thanks!
  2. if you're not completely happy with it, definitely get something you LOVE. much too many times i've made the mistake of keeping things i just liked and didn't love. you can still get store credit for it since it was only last saturday, but if that's what you want to consider, you have less than 10 days left i think...

    hope that helps
  3. magenta seems (to me) like a very difficult color to wear... i live on a island and even i dont think i could find things to wear it with!

    if you really want vermillion i would exchange that baby before your 5 days runs out!
  4. Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    I'm not sure I'm the best person to answer your question because I'm slightly biased (I've got a Magenta City on its way to me from Bal NY). I do think you should get a color that you love. I find a lot of things that I can wear my brighter pink/purple bags with, but they are not for everyone.

    If there's currently another bag that's available or about to become available that you want more, I would go for that instead.
  5. Hi, and welcome to tPF :smile:

    I tried on a pale magenta twiggy yesterday, and it looked so hot! I'm biased too, because I love pinks, but if you think you are not going to get as much wear out of it, then exchange it for something you love!
  6. Thanks for all your help.

    Not sure I can really match the red one with much but def think its a more wearable color in the winter and summer combined.
  7. I actually think that red is a great colour to match with... I have an 07 vermillion city and it surprisingly goes with a lot of what I wear, be it jeans and a t-shirt, a suit, clubbing clothes..
  8. Definitely hold out for what makes your heart flutter. There should be no doubts for that kind of money! Also as you are new to B Bags, be aware that the lighter colours are a little more high maintenance, in that the handles darken over time and the bags need to be protected more. Depends how hard you use your bags.
  9. amid all the beiges and pinks and blues of 08, i'd clean forgotten about vermillion! is the 07 one also paparika? i forgot, too :shame:

    i personally think the orange-red might be easier to wear, and seeing that it's spring now. i'd choose another cool colour for winter.
  10. Envymex welcome to tPF!!! And also welcome to Balenciaga world!! :flowers: I imagine your Magenta twiggy to be stunning as I like the 08 Magenta so much! but I agree with everyone here, if you're not entirely happy with it, return it for something you could really use, especially since this is your first Bbag!!:smile::tup:Good Luck!!
  11. The Magenta 08 is a gorgeous shade but if I have a choice of it over a Vermillion, I would get the latter. REDs always win over many colours for me but that's just me.

    If you cannot see yourself carrying the Magenta, exchange it for the Vermillion!
  12. If you really want the vermillion than I defintely think that you should exchange it!!
  13. I'm totally in agreement with everyone else- get the bag that makes your heart skip a beat! And if it's not the magenta, then def. exchange it.

    I personally would prefer a red over a pink bag, because I think its easier to wear, and I love that pop of red. It always catches my eye when I see other people carrying red bags (even if they're not bbags!)
  14. Thank you all for your help!!

    I just got back from bal NY with my new vermillion 07 twiggy. It is absolutely stunning and I am sure I will get great use out of it.

    Although the magenta is a great color the red just pops.