Need some advice. eBay seller claims to be from tPF.

  1. eBay listing in question.

    I asked this lady for photo of heat stamp and date code and also asked her what's her name on here. She said she will get back to me tomorrow when she gets home.

    This is now 36+ hours later and the auction ending in 5 hours or so. No photo and no reply on the name.

    Being on the purse forum seems to be the only claim of authenticity and if this turns out to be a fake, it could give tPF a bad name.

    Ladies, is there something we can do?
  2. I wouldn't buy it unless I was comfortable. Something about those shopping bags looks off too. Maybe it is the flash?

    Wait or but on or Better to be safe than sorry!
  3. ITA with the shopping bag. id stay away just incase. a seller that doesnt want to answer questions always puts me off.

    also, some sellers claim to be PF members when they are not, ask her screen name.
  4. Has this happen before? I only recently started looking at eBay items and this is the first one I have found. It really gets on my nerves that they do such a thing. I guess honest and good people are hard to find nowadays.

    I will definitely stay away from this seller though. :smile:
  5. Honestly, some people use TPF as a front which is sad. If you're a member, you can go ahead and say it, but the problem is, some of the people who sell fakes see that too and just stick that into their auction as well (probably not even knowing what it means).
    If you notice, sometimes people also take the My Poupette logo and stick it on their auction to make it seem trustworthy, when they aren't and never were a member of MPRS.
    Anyway if she hasn't sent pics by now, don't bother. The motto in the authentication forum is "no pics=no buy."
  6. I could understand if ahe was away and couldn't get the photos to you right away, but she could have given you her screen name for here. I would stay away. It seems fishy.
  7. plus she is sucking up to VERO and we all on the Forum know this is NOT TRUE!

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]"There are alot of fakes being passed around but luckily VERO have been monitoring this closly."[/FONT]
  8. ::Sigh:: The more I look on eBay, the less I want to get anything used or even new from eBay. "Trustworthy" is such a rare character now.
  9. I think that's her, look at the pics from her "About Me" page

    A lurker, doesn't qualify to use "Proud tPF member" as a quality sign, IMHO. :nogood:

    If she doesn't reply to you with more/better pics, don't bid. Anyone can sign up here, kwim.
  10. The fact that they are new to eBay or at least a new id with really no fb kills it right there for me. Yes, you have to start somewhere, but that is one red flag for me personally. They don't have enough pictures of the bag itself. Who wants to see the Louis Vuitton brown bag, who cares. Sometimes that leaves me a little more suspicious than normal. Also, if they can't take at least 6-12 clear pictures, I am turned off. They have a picture of the dc that you can't make out. I make sure in my auctions, that I have tons of excellent quality pictures; Many times I have taken even extra for the unsure bidder. They can say they are a member of any forum, and that never puts more trust in my mind. I am sure there are many people on several boards that do sell fakes. It just isn't a guarantee. I now go by word of mouth, and a lot of times ask people here or other places if they have heard of so & so. Now again, if they are new on eBay, that is a risk. I would stay far away from this auction!

  11. Being a Purse Forum member doesnt mean that an Item is real, ANYONE can sign up to this forum. Finding out if she was a regular member with alot of post counts would put more faith in a seller that the bag was real but this again cannot guarentee authenticity. She seems to be quite the "Proud member" lol, she has no posts so I think she may have signed up just so she can put this on her listing, be very careful.
  12. I think its always sketchy when folks don't get back to you. I woudn't but this unless you could return it if you were unhappy.
  13. I also dont think that the bag is real, if it was brand new, where is the packaging, dustbag and care booklet ??, I dont think these things are something that many people would throw when the bag is "Brand new".
  14. Looks like she just joined tPF on July 17th and has no posts. She also just started the eBay account she is using around the same time. Excuse me for saying this, but she has some balls putting tPF on her eBay listing! I would stay away from her auctions!
  15. Plus I find it completely unnecessary to post a picture of yourself in your underwear (on her 'me' page).