Need SmartBargains Code!

  1. I accidentally deleted my smartbargains email for free shipping...anyone have it???

  2. There's no code, you need to click on the email.
    I'll forward it to you if you want
  3. Er, yeah, I should have specified. If you go to the website I posted, and find an offer you like, click on it and it will take you to the Smart Bargains site. Then add the stuff to your cart, and when you check out it should be there. :yes:
  4. Before I placed my order, I did see the 25% off discount. However, when I got the confirmation email, the discount is gone. Anyone else experienced the same thing?
  5. I have the same problem too! I've been on hold in customer service for 20 minutes now...
  6. Well that's crappy. I used a 15% off coupon a few days ago through that website and had no problems at all. My confirmation e-mail was correct, too.
  7. Update: I spoke with their customer rep and got the 25% off adjustment. I ended up getting a Tods purse for over 50% off.
  8. [​IMG]They have one Mui Mui bag left-normally $860 for $599-with the extra 25% off it's only$459.:yes:
  9. the same thing happened to me with 25% discount.
    It happened before also and got the price adjustment.
  10. Are there ever any actual codes (not click-through coupons) for smartbargains? I need one for free shipping but every time I find one it negates the 25% off.