need silver shoes!

  1. hi guys, im in search of silver wearing a baby blue dress that has rhinestones on it, and want either silver, or rhinestonish stilettos to go w/ it. i want something strappy and very delicate. do you guys have any suggestions??
  2. Manolo Blahnik has many silver shoes with rhinestones, definately check them out!
  3. Rene Caovilla runs true to size...maybe a very little bit big but VERY little...check you Saks, they carry these same exact ones, ive seen them in blue. =) surprisingly comfortable by the way. I LOVE Caovilla!
  4. ooh those are very very cute you have great taste girl!
  5. ^^I agree. Also, how about the Manolo silver Sedaraby like these ones. eBay: NGG MANOLO BLAHNIK SILVER FAMOUS SEDARABY SHOES 38/8 (item 110089428123 end time Feb-13-07 21:39:19 PST)

    Louis Vuitton makes a pretty silver shoe called Santa Barbara now but no rhinestones. eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Santa Barbara Cross Sandal LV Louis Vuitton
  6. i love the manolos but am just weary about buying shoes on eBay..also, im looking for more of a sandal, cuz i have to wear these shoes w/ ethnic clothes (a sari) and they just look better w/ barer feet, since everything else is so covered

    im gonna go to Saks and check out their collection after work today woo hoo!!
  7. Victorias Secret has several silver sandals in different styles

    Victoria's Secret - Chandelier sandal

    I have these in black with silver rhinestones...they also come in silver

    Better yet they are on clearance for $39.99!
  8. a better pic of the silver shoes
  9. thanks!! i love all thoes..especially the choos!
  10. Keep in mind that the manolo sedaraby's are a little big on the ankle, they slip off me all the can get pretty annoying
  11. oh, also i own the LV Santa Babara sandals in silver (you ca get them in gold as well), they look fantastic on but they are not as flashy as the caovilla...they are kind of retro, they look like shoes my mother would have worn when she was in her 20's. try them on, they can also be loose on the ankle so you may have to go down a half size

  12. These shoes are adorable