need shoes to match w/ dress!

  1. hi ladies, i need yalls help! i just bought a gorgeous vivenne tam minidress. its a tube dress and the material is thick brocade-like (its hard for me to explain). anyways, so i was wondering if you guys could help me find some shoes to go w/ it. i already have these really cute black sandals i could wear, but since its cold, i was thinking it might be more appropirate to wear a peep-toe pump. any suggestions on high heeled black shoes, preferrably not sandals? and im really short, so by high heel i mean 4" or higher :P


    oh and i know this is the shoe subforum, but perhaps suggestions on a clutch that might go too?

  2. have you got a piccie of the dress, so we can help more :smile:
    would love to see it
  3. dress.jpg dress2.jpg
  4. The dress is cute!
  5. I would go with silver or white shoes.. and that way you can match all your accessories to match your shoes!! (white/silver clutch, white/silver jewellery etc) unless, you can pull off wearing gold.. and that may be cute also!! Of course, this also depends on the occasion, whats this for? Btw i LOVE the dress, good selection!!
  6. hmm im thinkin about these shoes...

    do u guys think they are too summery?

    i live in texas, where its never THAT cold

    JAG BLACK GLITTER at Shirise&

    in the black gitter. it looks almost sable or dark gray IRL

  7. [​IMG]

    Well that sure was fun lol! :yes:
  8. i saw the 2nd to last prada shoes IRL..they are to die for!!! unfortunately they are out of my price range..i wanna spend about $600-700 max
  9. How about some fabulous Louboutins? That would be in the 600 range. Lots at Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Bergdorf's (all online, too)
  10. [​IMG]What about these...they are at, and I think they are so pretty, and really reasonably priced ($119)
    [​IMG]Or these...also at Bebe for $129
  11. :drool: :drool: :drool: