Need shoes to match a dress for a wedding, I have 1 month and a small budget!

  1. I have an over the top wedding to go to on April 14th. My husband and I are flying to St. Louis since he is in the wedding. I picked out this dress, but need shoes to go with it (preferably strappy and sexy). I cannot spend more than $100 on the shoes since his tux, the flight, the rental car, the hotel, and this dress have put us almost beyond the budget for this small trip. HELP!

  2. Cute dress. Since the wedding is over the top, why don't you go for a stand out sexy red heel!!!!
  3. What a fun dress! There are a bunch of cute strappy shoes on Piperlime right now for under $100. :smile:
    (Sorry I posted the link before but it ended up being way too long!)
  4. nm :smile:
  5. I would do orange if anything, not red. too christmas-y ;)
  6. Orange would work really well with the dress, but I think it's a bit too casual. Maybe buy silver shoes? Anyways I think you should go for metallics or black.
  7. Red might be too Christmasy. what size are you? Did you see my orange jimmy choos? They could work.
  8. Dont wear black!!! waaaaaaaaay too heavy for a light colour! But I think metallics are perfect! I'll just have a hunt & see what I can find!:biggrin:

    I love this!! Perfect excuse to drool over shoes!:biggrin:
  9. ITA, something metallic for sure! Make a statement with some crazy bling on your shoes!