Need shoe repair advice!

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  1. Hi! I recently bought a pair of Balenciaga OTK boots that I am absolutely in love with. I was told before I bought them of this issue and I made the decision to deal with it BUT I am having trouble...

    These boots have no zipper and are close to impossible to get on and off. I mean...really really close to impossible. I've worn them about five times (have to use a plastic bag to get them on and wait for my bf to come home to take them off) and it has not gotten ANY easier.

    I was thinking of having a zipper put in. I love the look with no zipper so I would want a subtle black zip. I took them to a local shoe repair and he said he could do it but he specializes in more outdoorsy shoes and I just don't know if I trust him..

    Does anyone have any experience with having something like this done? Does anyone know of a great place I could maybe send them? I want it to be done by a real professional if I go through with it...

    or other suggestions?? :confused1:

    Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated!
  2. ^^ thanks so much. That's the kind of place I need! I might e-mail them and see what they say...
  3. Yes, curious as to what they say. I've used Brooks for some shoes before and also a purse repair. Nothing as substantial as what you propose. Be prepared for a high price tag! But I think they do good work.

    I'm also having some work done here in Raleigh at Santana Creative, and they do mail orders as well. I'm going to pick up my CLs today (just getting red vibrams put on), and a polish of an OTK boot. I can report back if you are interested.
  4. ^^ thanks. yes, please do report back.

    Mike from Brooks wrote back very promptly. He said he could do a subtle black coil zipper and make it very unobtrusive to the appearance of the boot.

    Unfortunately, he said it will be in the 100-200 dollar range. It's more than I was hoping to spend, but they are $1200 boots that I got at 60% off, so, I guess its worth it. I just love the boots so much and would love to be able to wear them more often.
  5. Hi again...just picked up my stuff from Santana Creative and I think they did a good job. The owner mentioned to me that he is receiving all the CLs from the new Miami CL boutique that need work.

    I think $200 is worth it to get the boots in a shape where you will wear them. Can you post picts of what they look like right now?
  6. Mike is amenable to bargaining. Just tell him that his price is a little too much, and ask if he can do any better- he'll probably knock it down a bit. At least ask for a 10% new customer discount.
  7. These are the pics I just sent over to Mike


    Thanks for the advice! Will keep you posted...
  8. Oh, I think zippers would look great on these boots! I'm super curious what the plastic bags have to do with you getting them on and off though...
  9. ^^^ LOL. the Bal SA told me that was the trick she advised customers to do with these boots. You take a cheap plastic bag (like a safeway one) and put it over your foot. Then, you can more easily (its still not easy with these) slide your foot into the boot. Once its on, you rip out the bag.

    So, I'm thinking a zip on the inner side of the boot, like a half way one? What do you think?
  10. I actually think it would be more intrusive to have a zipper in the middle of the inner side of the boot than to put a zipper on the back of the boot. If you do the back of the boot, it will look more deliberate, and I actually find zippers up the back to be sexy. They imply...unzipped...if you know what I mean.

    On the inside may ruin the lovely profile of the boot. Plus, the zipper heads may clang together when you walk. This happened to me with a pair of Marc Jacobs boots that I had for a while.

    Thanks for the plastic bag explanation. It made me giggle to imagine you having the remnants of a Safeway bag under your foot when you were wearing expensive Balenciaga boots!
  11. ^^ thanks for the advice! So, do you think it should be all the way up the back? Or what? I feel like it might be much to have one all the way up...the boots are very tall.

    If that made you laugh....Imagine the day I got them, my bf came home from work that night and there were pieces of plastic bag ALL OVER the living room. He was like "what happened!" and i was lying on the bed, waiting for him to come pull the boots off me....true story.
  12. Hahahaha, that story just put the most hilarious picture into my head. Its like, "Designer boots gone wrong".

    Beyond that, I agree with Pishi, a zipper up the back would probably be easier for the cobbler to do, and more attractive.
  13. Doesn't necessarily have to be all the way up. Just enough to facilitate you getting your foot in and out. Maybe all the way up would be over the top....I do have a pair of Rupert Sanderson over the knee boots that have a zipper all the way down the back. But those are flat boots, and therefore don't have the sex appeal factor of boots with heels.

    I honestly don't think you can go wrong either way.
  14. I don't think I could get an arm into one of those boots, let alone my leg! Is it hard to get on because of the arch in your foot, or because of your calf (or both)? If it's just the arch of your foot, a short partial zipper should do it. If it's your calf, I think a longer zipper might be the better option.