Need shoe/boot for many occassioins

  1. OK, so I need some help with finding the right shoe. I just moved from california after 3 yrs (im from SE Texas) and am now living in Columbus, OH. I am wanting to find really comfy shoes that will be good on my feet for many hours of walking (all day), and be warm for the winter. I will be going to Disney World for Christmas for a week and walking alot. I also want this shoe for when i go visit friends in NYcity, so i can wear them there and have days of walking around the city shopping. The kicker is I need something with at least a 2 inch sole because all my jeans/juicy are a little long and plus i have short legs and have to have a little height:P . I was preferring a wedge over a heal. I have tried a few tall boots like Michael Kors and Juicy but they are so heavy on the bottom and dont fit tight around my leg (because of being lace up) that i think my feet would get tired of carrying around the shoe.
    I tried on my friends Stuart Weitzman wedge ones and they were stretchy and light weight but were a little tight on the width of my feet. I have come to realize i have kinda wider feet in front and small heels. ugh! It's such a pain to find shoes to not rub blisters or not be too tight.
    Ok sorry so long :shame:
  2. anyone? ok should i repost with a shorter question??:shrugs: