Need Shoe Advice!

  1. hey ladies,

    I have a quick question for some of you more experienced CL owners! I just received my first pair & of course I am absolutely in love!!!

    They have not been worn anywhere & after reading some posts I am wondering if I should be getting my shoes soled in red before I even where them out.....

    How does this work? Should I be wearing them out & later on get them fixed? Or do I get them re-soled from the very beginning?!!

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. I think you can do either - zip-sole them now or after they are worn. I don't think it matters.
  3. Its all up to you. I would wear them first. But it really does not matter. Usually people re-sole them after they are worn down.
  4. Thanks so much!

    I just didn't want to make a wrong move! I want to keep em looking good for as long as I can!
  5. Well, the way I figure it, to make me feel better, is that if he intended for the entire sole to stay red he would have figured out a way for them to stay that way. Maybe he likes knowing that they are being lived in and that is the only way to tell.
  6. I may be in the minority here, but it doesn't bother me when the red wears off of the sole of the foot. I intentionally scuff the bottoms up when I first wear mine so that I have a bit more traction. The red flash is on the arch and the heel.

    It's good practice to add a rubber sole to shoes before you wear them, but I've never been disciplined enough to get my shoes to the cobbler before wearing them out.
  7. I asked the cobbler before and they said it doesn't matter. They have to sand down the bottom anyways to make them flat.

    I read some where on this forum that someone here read a book where Mr.Louboutin means for the red soles to come off. This is what I found and quote:

    "High-heeled red shoes scream sex appeal, being said to exert a powerful attraction on many men. French sole designer Christian Louboutin knew as much when he decided to make red soles for every pair of shoes he created, regardless of their colour. Further, the heels of all his shoes leaves behind an imprint of what Louboutin calls 'a red rosette'. They are 'follow me' shoes he says. When Louboutin was 13, a flash of red caught his eye. He turned to see a woman wearing red high-heeled shoes. The image stayed with him!"

    Read more here:
  8. That powerful attraction to the red sole seems to be working on many of us here too!