Need shipping advice prior to re-listing my Hermes purse

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  1. Okay, so I finally got everything resolved with my shady high bidder who lives in a country I don't ship to, who requested I under value the purse, sed to an unconfirmed address, etc... I'm now ready to re-list the purse & have taken care of blocking bidders who live outside of my shipping zone, etc... I've decided to only ship within the US, so I know that I should state in the auction that I will ONLY ship to confirmed addresses, and I will also require delivery confirmation, but what about insurance? I expect this purse to sell for over $3,000, so I'm thinking insurance is definitely necessary. What are your opinions on this? Any advice would much be appreciated.

    Thanks so much,
  2. i think the insurance is the responsibility of the seller - so if you think it needs insurance then you better add it into the shipping cost.

    if you tell the buyer it's optional and they decide not to get it and the package gets lost - then you are out of the money.
  3. You'll definitely want to insure it, just add the amount into the shipping charges. I don't think it's allowed on eBay anymore to tell the buyer they're responsible for insurance, or to charge them on top of their shipping charges for it.
  4. honestly for something that costly i would insure and ship registered.
  5. I will definately put in the insurance with the shipping cost. Ship it with delivery confirmation and signature, too. If I was a buyer, I would not hesitate to insure a $3000 bag. Who would want $3000 getting "lost" in the mail???
  6. You would definitely need to insure a bag that cost over 250. Sellers risk so much these days and it's good to cover your tracks.
  7. Are you willing to lose $3k? Probably not. So insure it! My philosophy---whatever you aren't willing to lose/eat the cost on---INSURE!
  8. definitely insure, no doubt about it.
  9. I've sold a lot of my personal Hermès items on eBay. I never charge for shipping and I ship FedEx 2nd day air and if purhased on a Thursday, I ship next day so they don't have to wait all the way until the next week to get it. I insure it for the amount the buyer paid. I require a direct signature.
  10. Agree with the others. Insurance is the responsibility of the seller, not the buyer, and a must when selling high-priced items like this purse. :yes:

    PS: It probably would have been better to post this update on your other thread since it's about the same issue. I would ask a mod to merge the two threads so that those who didn't see the other one and don't know the whole story can see it here.
  11. Insure for full value (seller pays all shipping, insurance and tracking cost; build that into your shipping price) and be super sure to get delivery SIGNATURE confirmation, not regular but signature delivery; even if the post office tells you the insurance will be good for the signature, don't do it! PP requires signature delivery confirmation if you have to make a claim. I would block all international bidders and do a BIN with immediate payment (- all in your seller's preferences)and perhaps a best offer with auto cut off at a certain amt. If you want $3K, maybe do a BIN for that and then auto best offer to reject for anything under $2500? Good luck.
  12. Okay, thanks so much for all your replies. Would you recommend UPS or USPS? Just curious. I've never sold anything this expensive on eBay, so I'm wondering if UPS would be better that USPS-which is what I would typically use.

  13. You need to add Signature Confirmation for anything over $250. You must insure the bag at full value in order to have a prayer if something gets stolen or "lost." Or even actually lost. Otherwise it'll come out of your pocket, not the buyer's.

    I do wonder about selling a valuable item like this without a lot of experience. This is not for beginners, really.
  14. ^ ITA. I would get some selling experience with cheaper items before listing a Hermes.
  15. insure! require a signature too!