Need serious help with the reds please!

  1. Ok, I love the reds, own a 05 rouge in the city. Am thinking I need another city or a work or the new "afternoon" style.
    Can you please describe as accurately as possible and post pics of your own bags, of the grenat, rouge vif, and oxblood?
    I am beginning to drive myself crazy once again lol.
  2. carolyn, grenat and oxblood are the same color. Most of the pics I've seen of the grenat so far look very much like the bordeaux. But SoCal posted a pic on TFS (and possibly somewhere in here too, I just haven't seen it) of the grenat that looks really beautiful and quite different from the bordeaux. Check it out!
  3. Thanks Louisey, I have diligently studied those posts lol. I think I am gonna go with either: rouge viv in the city or work, and money. Maybe. I think. I've decided I just can't live without something in that red.
  4. here are pics of my new grenat/oxblood first:
    grenatfirst 002 (Small).jpg grenatfirst 005 (Small).jpg grenatfirst 003 (Small).jpg grenatfirst 004 (Small).jpg
  5. oooh! very pretty chigirl!
  6. chi it's pretty!!! :love:
  7. She's gorgeous, chi!
  8. doesn't it kind of look like it has glitter on it? it isn't the same shine/sheen as my rouille and ink bags though. it is definitely thicker and softer and much less veinier than the s/s '06 bags. but it still is not as good as some of my older bags.
  9. grenat/oxblood is really pretty, chigirl! congrats!!!
  10. I'm dying for a rouge vif bag now - ever since I saw esile's beautiful bag!
  11. chi, i love your grenat! i do see a bit of glistening effect. the leather looks plush.

    beaux, you're waiting for a rouge vif city. right?

    sunspark, i posted pics of my rouge vif work somewhere in the this sub forum.
  12. lol, her bag had the same effect on me too & since i've sworn off b-bags this season (due to my self-imposed ban :noggin:), all i could get was the rouge VIF mini coin purse :lol:
  13. beaux and aaa, my bag hypnotized you.:choochoo: :choochoo: :choochoo:
    aaa, i want to see pics of your cute coin purse!
  14. lol, will do sweetie, i promise to try & get pictures tomorrow :tender:...she told me she's the offspring of your new hot mama :P
  15. chigirl---your Grenat first is absolutely amazing!!! I can't get over how lush and gorgeous the leather is on it! Wow! wow!:love: :love: :love:

    sunspark--ITA with you! After seeing the gorgeous pics of the Rouge Vif here(esp Esile's work!!! *swoons*:heart: ), I knew I needed a rouge Vif city. Have you decided which style you are getting?