Need serious advice..I'm an LV VIRGIN!!

  1. hey everyone..Ive been lurking around getting VERY envyous of everyones bags! i have liked LV, LOVED, LV since like forever:love: , and im saving now actually for one..I will get it in a few weeks . Here are my questions, as a LV VIRGIN
    1. should i purchase from eluxury or in store? ( i would only have to travel two hours). i know the store would be a great experience...but what are pros cons? (like does it come specially wrapped from eluxury? or lv store?)

    2. which BAG? i want something semi-small, classic. like the speedy 25 or croissant, or papillion 26?? i really like the speedy 25 and can afford it much more easily... does it fit enough in it? i like to put in a bag my med. size wallet, keys with coach card holder keyring, pens, compact and lipglosses, and maybe a small dig. that ok? i s it comfortable to carry?

    3. if i wanted a vintage lv, i could afford one now. but am i compromising the LV experience? advice?

    thanks SOOO much, i can tell you all are true experts! any advice appreciateD!
  2. I just bought my first LV Bag a month ago. Beginning of August. And I went to a Holt Renfrew.
    I don't know how it is to buy from Eluxury, as they do not ship to Canada. And I don't know how it is to buy LV purses on ebay (yet), but I keep on looking on Ebay. I can't wait to hear what you buy, and what you decide. :yes:
  3. 1. if you don't live in CA or TN, you won't have to pay taxes on eLuxury, which is definitely a big advantage. there's nothing like buying in the store, but like you, i have to go through eLuxury because the closest store is 2.5 hrs away in bloody Canada. if you buy from eLuxury, it comes in an LV box just the same; if you buy from the store, they don't always give you a box, and you may have to ask for one.

    2. the Speedy 25 would be a good bag, if you're OK with a handheld bag. it will fit everything you've just listed and more, so you're fine on that; hell, i can fit my medium agenda in there, and my pencil case, along with my makeup, wallet, keys and phone. and it's definitely one of the most affordable bags around. the Papillon 26 is also a good bag, but in my opinion the Papillon only looks good in the 30, for some reason.

    3. you should get a brand-new LV as your first one. the vintage ones will pop up every so often on eBay, so you can get that later. there's nothing like a brand-new bag!
  4. Have you thought about something smaller like the recital? It's cheaper than a speedy and can be carried on your should. It would give you a great taste of LV.....I'd also say go to the store if you can!!!
  5. ^^:yes:
  6. I think you should go to the store...for me, I can't wait for eluxury...1. I don't think I can wait that long, and 2. I don't know what may or may not happen to the package...which is why I have never bought from Elux...also the experience is really nice, maybe you'll find a bag that perfectly fits you in every way even if you didn't come for that particular bag...

    goodluck on deciding...:smile:
  7. You should go to the LV store and try on all the bags. It is a wonderful experience =)
  8. 1. i'd go to a store, def. no question about it.
    2. speedy 25 all the way, totally affordable and cute and classic.
    3. brand new!
  9. 1. I got my very first LV through elux. I'm in the States so the shipping was not an issue, plus I saved my state sales tax (8.8%). I may have missed the experience of going to my local LV boutique, but I felt the advice I read here at tPF was more than enough to get me started.

    2. Speedy 25!! Yes, this is a great one to start with. It DOES hold a ton and I often find myself putting far more than I normally would in this bag to fill it! For me: wallet, keys, cell, headset, checkbook, pens, gum, tampons (LOL) and even a small water bottle or my Filofax. I just put a thin catalogue on the bottom to prevent the 'sag' effect, which is common with Speedys.

    3. Yes, go for brand new with your first!
  10. 1. Go to the store!!! You can see it in person which is ALWAYS better because if you buy online, you have to rely only on the pictures that they provide.

    2. If you really like the speedy, go for it. It's a classic and there is plenty room:yes:

    3. MMmmh, personally I would like something new. If you decide to collect LV, then maybe you can start but vintage and limited editions.
  11. Definitely go to the store. The whole experience is what makes LV so great for me. Getting fussed over, - trying on a dozen different bags, oggling the expensive shoes, wondering which wallet you'll purchase in the future.... sigh...

    And the bags I think I want are never the ones I end up wanting after I leave the store! They look and feel different IRL. Also, the SA may come up with some suggestions that you have not even considered.
  12. Go to the store and try all these bags you want. It's fun!!!
  13. I love the store, but must admit if I didn't live in CA, I would probably use elux more to save on tax....

    You can always go to the store and try everything and then buy from elux if your tax is high. I know you said the store is far, but if you make a day of it, it will be fun.

    Congrats, in advance, on your first!
  14. thanks for all the amazing advice ladies! im so excited and just the anticipation of getting my first is driving me crazy..i think i had a dream about it last night! oh and i think im gonna go to the store and just have the "experience"...thanks for the advice,and i will let everyone know what i get! thanks again ladies!
  15. Welcome to tpf, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here:yes:

    To answer your second question, the speedy 25 will hold that and more. Use the search at the top of the forum and you'll find tons of threads on this topic.

    Also congrat's on your upcoming Lv purchase.