Need school advice from a clinical psychologist!!

  1. Those of you who are working in the field... I need some urgent advice please!

    I am completing my MA in Counseling in a few weeks and will be going on to get my PhD in clinical psychology. I have applied to 20 programs and so far have only heard back from one: California School of Professional Psychology/Alliant University. I am wondering what your opinion is on professional schools. I am interviewing there tomorrow, but I am unsure if graduating from a professional school with hold me back. I have heard it is harder for professional school graduates to get teaching positions... is this true? I don't see myself in private practice... just not something I am interested in. I would really like to work in clinical forensic psychology. So if I go to CSPP, my emphasis will be forensics and I see myself getting a government job working in prisons, courts, etc.. and I would also like to teach part-time at a university.

    Does anybody know graduates from professional schools? Where are they career-wise, any hurdles they had to overcome because of where they went to school?

    If I don't get into any other universities, should I accept CSPP/Alliant? Or should I take a couple of years off to get more experience and apply again?
  2. Anyone??
  3. Does that mean you'd get a PsyD instead of a PhD? If so, then you'd have trouble breaking into academia.

    BUT, if it is a PhD then you could probably teach at a non-research university as a visiting professor or adjunct faculty. You probably wouldn't be able to get a job at a liberal arts college they really emphasize teaching experience and I'm guessing you won't get that at a professional school.
    You could also teach at community college level.

    But if it's research/academia that you want....then your best bet is a research-oriented PhD program.
  4. CSPP offers a Ph.D in clinical psychology. When I went for the interview, it did not seem research oriented at all, except for what is required to write a dissertations. The professors do not even write grants. As for teaching experience, I would be able to TA graduate level courses, or teach at the undergrad psychology school. Overall, I was not impressed with the school. :tdown:
  5. Sorry, I'm not familiar with Professional Schools...maybe call the APA and find out if they are recognized by them? If they are backed from them APA they should be ok.

    I have a PsyD from a University...not research oriented but I do have a good government job with the Court system. In my experience, teaching and job placement have a big "who you know" influence, at least where I live, as opposed to a PhD/PsyD preference, outside of research positions.
  6. ^^^Yea but if you specifically want to teach....then PhD looks better than PsyD (unless you want to teach at a professional school).

    In all honesty....professional schools are fine IF you just want to practice. HOWEVER, if you ever want to possibly teach or do research at some point....then a regular research-oriented PhD is better.

    Clinical programs though are harder to get into than med school....have you considered lookin for counseling psychology PhD programs?
  7. Hmm or you can move over here to Aus and do it with me... it sounds so complicated in CA (is that where you are? Sorry if you're not!). I saw the title and thought 'I can help!' but was confused halfway within reading the post. I'm really sorry I can't help, but I do wish you good luck!