need scarf advice

  1. I'm looking for a scarf to wear with my favourite but much worn black dress. I love this simple dress! My closest Hermes store is interstate(Melbourne Australia) and they can't help me unless I know the name of the black scarf on page 2 of the online store,ref 001191s43. How do I find out the name? Also do you think this is the scarf I should buy? I'm middle aged fair skinned blonde. I'm confident someone here will know exactly what I should buy.
    Thanks, Meg
  2. Hermesgroupie will know.
  3. Could you be a bit more specific? Which colour? And which row is the scarf on? Perhaps you could do a copy and paste and post the pic here? I am sure we can help you!
  4. Well spotted Rose! The reference number does match.
    The name of the scarf is "Vue Carosse de la Galere la Reale" and you want it in the black colourway.
    I have a similar colouring and I think you can wear it. Although for a black dress I would personally choose something that has less black in it.
  5. Thanks all, you are right it is vue du carosse de .......and it is very bold for me, not sure if I could carry it off. Do you agree I need some black? I do need help here and again I have great confidence in all of you!!!!!!!!
  6. This is very much a question of personal taste. If you feel the scarf being too bold for you, you could start by wearing it as a belt with your dress.

    The best however is to have an Hermes SA advise you. They are amazing and will find a scarf that compliments you.
  7. I know that is good advise but I WANT the scarf in 3 weeks and will not be able to travel to a store to see a S.A and I still think the ladies here will point me in the right direction.
    thanks again, Meg
  8. Meg, is there a chance that you could post a pic of yourself in that dress?
  9. cosmos - All you need to do is call Susie or Sarah or JAques and give them the reference number you quoted us - they can look it up on their system. If they can't/won't help you, call the Sydney Store.
  10. Meg, the Melb store doesn't have that colourway. It currently only has it in pink. Best try Syd or the Qld boutiques if you truly only want the black:smile:

    I tend to agree with Hello tho, that I would personally pick something with less black in it to go with a black dress. But if you post a pic of your dress, we'll have a better idea of the style and so on and help you pick the right scarf n colourway for you.
  11. Thanks again. I can't post a picture. The dress is a classic black short sleeve shift, heavy crepe type with beautiful burgundy satin lining, it's Trent Nathan, maybe means nothing but it fits and hangs so well I can't give it up! I simply can't find another black dress that I like as much! Which scarf would you choose? Should it have some black? I feel this obsessing thing starting!
  12. I know the label Trent Nathan, lol, I'm from Aus myself;) Sounds like a beautiful dress. Do you use it more for nites or days? What about, instead of a silk 90x90 scarf, go for something like a mousseline Losange? Perhaps in a fuchsia pink or a very pale pink one. Melb currrently has only an orange and I think a bronze colour one but I've seen the pale pink and it's gorgeous. I think it will work better on your dress than a 90x90 silk twill scarf.
  13. Thanks, the mousseline losange sounds very lovely. How do I wear it? I will ring around the other stores tomorrow. I want to wear the dress for cocktails in a couple of weeks time. Can you imagine how frustrating it is in Tasmania? not that I don't love it, but shopping can be difficult if you really want it now!
  14. Yes, a losange would look lovely. How were you planning to wear the scarf? Round your shoulders? Were you planning to use it to keep you a little warmer or purely for decoration. If it's purely for decoration, the losange would be great. If you are needing something to keep you warm, have you considered a cashmere shawl?