Need Salon Recommendation BayArea, CA

Aug 2, 2006
Novato, CA
I have really dark hair and want to lighten it up a bit. I have done so in the past but always change back after 6-8 months as I can't find a good salon. I live in Novato which is approx. 20 mins from San Francisco and would be willing to travel up to an hour for a good salon.

Can anyone provide a good recommendation for a salon and stylist with experience bringing dark hair down to brownish with highlights. I would like to get similar coloring to Audrina Partridges current color. thanks so much


Miss Lisa
Jun 9, 2009
San Jose
Petaluma has a great salon. I'm not sure how far you are from Petaluma.

They were in the news a few years back about how Joe Hammer is a stylist to the stars. They were also featured on that show Split Ends. He seems really down to earth and the salon doesn't seem snobby. They are very particular about perfecting the right hair cut though, it seems from what I saw on the show.

Maybe check on yelp or something too - SF Salons: