Need SA references to find Chanel boots

  1. I bought these boots in NYC at Bergdorfs and love them and now want them in Black also. Went to my Chanel boutique in Virginia today and apparantly all the Chanel boutiques are sold out in my size per the computer system. I am thinking maybe Bergdorfs, Nordstroms, Bloomies or other shops that carry Chanel shoes might have them. I have a Neiman's SA so I will check with her tomorrow. Thanks for your can PM the info if you prefer.

    Box says 06A G25307x01000
    Short boots size 42 or 12

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Oooh, those are hot!

    Good luck finding them!
  3. If you call your Neimans then they can check the entire system for these shoes, you don't have to bother calling around. Best of luck.:yes:
  4. Thanks
    Neimans couldnt find it and neither could Saks, Nordstroms, Chanel boutique, Bergdorfs put me on a waiting list in case they order more (though where they would order more from I don't know since they are sold out everywhere) and I am waiting to hear back from Bloomingdales. :sad:
    Many of the stores only order like two pairs of size 42. Especially considering Chanel runs small that sucks.
    I'm fresh out of ideas on how to find these in my size.
  5. I feel your pain - I was looking for the black "bootie" boots in a 41 - sold out everywhere also. Its no fun having big feet! :Push: