Need SA Advice


Advice on how to proceed

  1. Wait for call back from SA

  2. Leave voicemail for SA

  3. Visit the boutique

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  1. I feel kinda silly asking this but my motto is always better safe than sorry. And if not sure on how to act in a certain situation, it's always best to ask the advice of others. So here goes:s:

    Thanks to you lovely ladies (and gents), I'm now on the hunt for a lovely compact wallet. Spoke to my SA today and gave the specs on preferred color/skin combo. Then called back to also give specs on preferred hardware. Apparently my brain is quite addled in the morning.:push:

    Haven't received a call back yet and probably will not recieve one until at least wed (my SA is off tomorrow). But now, I've now decided that I also "need" two more items... :rolleyes:

    And I blame it on all of you.:flowers: The threads have inspired me to make the interior of my bag a kalidescope of colors.:wlae:

    So the question is:

    (A) Should I wait until my SA calls back on the compact wallet?


    (B) Leave a voicemail tomorrow indicating the other two items as well?

    sidenote: my SA is newly assigned... thus the uncertainty on how to proceed


    (C) Plopping by the boutique tomorrow to see if they have the other two items as well... but I just HATE going downtown unless absolutely necessary. It's my day off and I'm having far too much fun vegging at home...:beach:

    Thank you everyone!
  2. weeeeellllll, it depends on what the other items are. if they are harder to come by, I would leave the voicemail message....but if they are usually in the store, I would just wait until she calls you back!
  3. Having said that, I LOVE chatting to my SA, so if it were ME in the same situation, I would probably call ASAP! LOL!
  4. ^ Oh you're too funny. I'm the same way - we chat for eons whenever I'm there.

    It's decided then. Option B. The items are harder to come by and definitely something they don't always carry.
  5. good choice! If it's something that I suspect will not be there next time I call - I phone straight away!!!!!!
  6. I am known to the store as a "can't wait customer". I will call, right away!
  7. I've been known to call my SA at, say, 10:00 with a request for something...then call back at, oh, 10:12 because I forgot to ask her about something else. And then call again at around 10:14 because I remembered about a scarf I saw someone on tPF wear that I just had to have too!!!!

    So...I say just call whenever you need to!
  8. it doesn't hurt to give her a ring so she knows you want something.. and more commission for her, right? hehe
  9. Call whenever you want something. You are not bothering them. That is what they are there for.

    BTW - what items are you after? hehe :smile:
  10. I was always told, "call whenever you need me"

    That is what she is there for and she knows you mean business.
  11. I wonder what mljones & specialistparis would say?

  12. Sorry, I know I am very late for the party but if you ever need anything, give them a call. We have a couple of clients that probably call 3-4 times a day updating us on their wants, etc... So yeah, never hesitate... even if your SA is off just leave a message.
  13. Call, call, call!!!