Need Running Inspiration

  1. I need help from you girls/boys out there who run! I ran for years, and would like to go back after several year's hiatus. I'm 40 now, and it seems like I just mentally tire myself out-like I psyche myself into stopping.

    I'm curious what you use as inspiration-I'm underweight, so weight loss isn't a factor. I really don't want a partner to run with. Any ideas?????

  2. I put on a musiclist on my Ipod which keeps me going. Trying different routes? sometimes I'm just daydreaming about all sorts of things:smile:
  3. I used to do Team in Training, which was a great cause as well as good motivation to get in the miles (no matter how bad I feel, someone getting chemo feels worse!). My running coach tells us that we should tell ourselves that we'll run for 15 minutes, then if you still feel terrible, you can quit (since you have to run back 15 minutes, that's at least 3 miles). Hope this helps!
  4. I use similar tactics: I run with my iPod and I set a goal:

    run in one direction for 25 min, knowing that means I'll have to run back another 25 :yes:

    and just do a lot of self-talk during the run, plus great motivational music on my iPod.

    I am heading out to run now and I am trying to psych myself out since it's lightly raining :push: but if I don't do it know, it will never get done!

    Happy jogging!!

    PS - this thread gave me the motivation to walk out the door :wlae:
  5. Definitely put together a great playlist on an ipod. You might also want to try the ipod Nike+ thingy that tracks your mileage while you run and then you can load it onto a website that tracks your progress.

    Why not sign up for a 5K next month, there are usually plenty of Turkey Trot races around Thanksgiving? That might help motivate you.

    I use running a stress realiver so when I don't run I am really cranky and irritable. It's definitely one of the things I look forward to most in the day. I am just totally hooked on the endorphins!

    Good luck getting out there!
  6. I've arranged to meet a friend for coffee that's a few miles away and run to meet her there. My reward: a latte and time to chat with a friend. She usually gives me a ride home.
  7. Music usually hypes me up. I listen to a lot of rock.
  8. This is a good idea :tup: It will give you a goal to look forward to and work toward.

    I also do the distance thing like hmwe. If I run 25 minutes in one direction, it's pretty much going to take me the same amount of time to get back :p

    Music is wonderful when running. Fill your MP3 player with motivational songs (I jam out to alternative and punk rock), set your time or distance goal for your run, and go :nuts:
  9. Thank you so much, all of you! I will make some new playlists. I'm going to look into Team in Training, as I lost both parents to cancer. You all have been a great help! The dog and I will go today! It's cold and raining in Montana!
  10. Use google maps to figure out distances and say I'm going to run to best buy and back or some other destination orientation goal.