Need restaurant suggestions in San Diego area please!

  1. Hello!

    My family will be renting a condo in Solana Beach in a few weeks a we will be staying there for a whole week. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some good food, and grocery stores in the area. I have a 16mo old and a 6yo, budget would be nice but family friendly would be even better, good tasting food would be even mo' better. I eat anything, and we're not real picky. We're going to be hitting all of the attractions in the area and I hate amusement park food, I would rather sneak in some sandwiches and stuff and have a good meal afterwards.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. i don't know where u are from, so u might have yummy mexican food in your town -- but when in san diego mexican food is a MUST! we have the BEST mexican food! -- i feel bad for people who don't experience REAL mexican food .. which is like MOST people .. because no one has REAL mexican food like san diego has! [ other then mexico! :smile: ] haha!

    so i'd say hit up some mexican food =) Miguels Cocina & Cantina is YUMMMY! [ there's one in point loma .. coronado .. and east lake. ]

    i know a ton of restaurants .. just pm me if ya want and let me know if you're gonna try and stick to solana beach or gonna venture out! :smile: && i can make more reccomendations!

    enjoy san diego!
  3. I also lived in SD for a long time. In the area you're in I'd try pamplemousse and Jakes for fine dining. If you make it up to La Jolla try to eat at the George's Ocean Terrace or Brockton Villa, great food AND great views. Near downtown I love the C-level lounge for a drink and again a wonderful view. I don't love any of the Gaslamp restaurants that much, though I do think Bandar has good Persian. You're better off going a little North of Downtown and hitting Laurel. Most of these places are a little pricey and not great for kids, so this might be a night out kind of thing.

    In SB there's a wonderful pizza place called pizza port that would be fine for kids. Cheap and they home brew so it's awesome. I haven't been down Cedros street in a bit, but I'm sure you will find stuff there that will be great.
  4. i was in san diego for a year and we ate at mexan place called el sabroso and for breakfast there is a place on 200 island avenue down town great breakfast
  5. OMG Duh! This is a can't miss. The Little Italy one has a different vibe but is usually easier to get into.