Need restaurant recs for Hong Kong

  1. It's been 7 years since I've been back to Hong Kong. I'm leaving on the 19th, I'm so excited! Friends have told me I wouldn't even recognize it since it's changed so much.

    Hong Kong PFers and PFers who have travelled to Hong Kong...

    I need recs for good Chinese restaurants, expensive and cheap recs welcomed. I will be staying in Causeway Bay so I get to walk off the meals by shopping ;) I hope to go to VIP Station and Italy Station.

  2. Hi...I am not a huge fan of Chinese food...unless it is "American" Chinese...but there is a great restaurant called "Hutong" on the Kowloon side...very trendy and the food is excellent, as are the views! Is is in T.S.T. on Peking Rd., in the Peking One building! Other than that...I don't know!!!!
  3. Thanks for the rec! I hope that other PFers could let me know of other restaurants. :smile:

    Do you usually eat the European food? I heard there are some excellent restaurants as well.
  4. Thanks for the link, Tezza!

    Some of the reviews are in Chinese, too bad I can't read Chinese :shame:

    Have you personally been to any of these restaurants?