Need repair/advice

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  1. Bought a new bag from an ebay seller, I just recieved it now and gave it a check over and as you can see from the photo the thread broke off, probably from the plastic wing right under the thread is bent


    Should I try to get this repaired, which I doubt or contact the seller and ask for my $ back?
  2. That's terrible. Surely she couldn't have missed a detail like that being she used the bag. Ask the seller if she will do a refund or at least pay your steamstress to fix it.
  3. I think she opted just not to tell me, I didn't notice at first when I bidding because the photos were small but I can see it now
  4. If you send it in to get repaired, chances are Coach will just send you a credit. I would contact the seller and try to get my money back.