Need recs on a new LV for mommy 2 be

  1. Hi fashionistas! I will be having a baby in about 4 weeks and am looking for a new LV. I need a shoulder bag, medium in size, nothing too crazy heavy as I will also be carrying a diaper bag! What's the best choice for me? I'm interested in the Damier MM neverfull when it finally comes out, but I'm somewhat concerned about the lack of a top zipper. Please, experts, help a mama out! :smile::smile:
  2. I'd get something with a about a saleya? With my kids, I used my speedy. I learned how to juggle with a handheld bag and a shoulder diaper bag. It wasn't as hard as I thought!
  3. LV has a diaper bag in mini lin.
  4. I have a 2 year old and it works wonderfully having a mm neverfull. It the perfect size for me. I personally don't like the zipper because I like to just grab what I need quickly.
  5. I'm also a mom - of a two year old and six month old. I'm going to get a Neverfull. I have the Popincourt Haut and I love it! But, not practical for when I need to grab something quick. I'm thinking of the MM because it will be more practical in the long run. Although, the GM is super nice when you have two so young!

    You can open the Neverfull up wider than a speedy. Plus, when you need something you don't have to fiddle with zippers. I'd get a purseket ( to organize your stuff. That way you are super organized and don't have to deal with a screaming baby when you need something quickly.
  6. I would say either a Neverfull MM, Saleya MM, or BH/BV. congrats!!!
  7. I say: don't get the BH or the neverfull because of the lack of a top zipper... I have a neverfull MM myself and love it to pieces but I allready lost my keys because of the open top! When you bend over (I was shopping and wanted something from a lower shelf) everything falls out... I thought I got everything in my bag again but when i got to my car, my keys were missing. I don't know if they fell out or if someone took them but i haven't got them back so far and had to spend 100 euro on a new key (that's the price of a damier clés :sad:)
  8. Damier Hampstead
  9. If you want something with a top zipper, the Cabos Mezzo.
    I have one and love it, also need bag coming out March 1. Shoulder bag with zipper, looks nice and roomy Montinque (sic). Know there is a thread where someone bought one and has pictures..they were release in Asia Feb 1
  10. I agree about the Cabas Mezzo. I have one and also love it.
    It's a great shoulder bag and has tons of room.
  11. I totally agree with the Mezzo.. It worked for Anjelina Jolie and her four kids! :tup:
  12. Thanks kimalee! I'm seriously considering the Saleya MM. I've been looking at the BH but I'm not sure on the shape.

  13. Thanks for the recs! Do you think the Cabas Piano is too small?
  14. IMO, the Cabas Piano isn't as functional as it would seem. Not much interior room.
  15. Oh no, sorry to hear that pink. I'm also afraid of losing something or having someone reach into my bag and steal something.