Need recs on a Chanel tote

  1. Hi !! I'm new on purse forum :smile:
    I'm currently looking for a nice Chanel tote that is not HUGE but big enough to hold a laptop. I'd prefer something light (don't think I can handle weight like a Paddington if I wanna stuff a computer in there), something more fun than a plain black tote
    Any great style available in store now that you would recommend??

    thanks so much =)
  2. The GST would be perfect. (grand shopping tote), its lightweight, and is open at the top, with a zip compartment in the middle, so great for getting a laptop in and out

    will get a piccie for you, and welcome to the forums :smile:
  3. piccie here for you, hardware available in gold and silver

  4. thanks! looks like what I need, do u know if it comes in other colors as well?
  5. I have to chime in and say though I think the GST is great I do not agree that it is lightweight. My PST's hurt my shoulder after a while.... I carry a rather light LV bag with my laptop and files in it and that gets very heavy Very easily.... I know the LV bag I'm speaking of is lighter than my PST by far nevermind a GST. I do agree that the GST is probably best looks wise for work but there are lighter weight bags out there for sure.
  6. i have to agree with lola24 its really really pretty and elegant, but with just a wallet, keys, sunglasses case and a tiny little cosmetic pouch, its already super heavy for me. i'm 5'5 and im not really considered tiny, im atheletic so i can take weight, but this bag weighs my shoulder down and it hurts. and if you're considering putting a laptop inside? i have a tiny 12 inch apple powerbook and when i put that in there once and once i've stepped out of my house, i put it back down, it was way too much...besides, it hurt for me to see my beautiful gst carrying so much weight! but since you don't want a plain black tote (like the cerf), the gst is by far the most beautiful tote chanel makes, it really is SO beautiful! maybe the baby cabas would work too? its not a tote, but it definitely can work as a laptop/work bag! and i feel guilty, but LV's bagtinolles horizontal is probably the best laptop/work bag....BUT I LOVE CHANEL!!! :heart: GOOD LUCK!
  7. Haha, that's the LV bag I'm talking about..... I have a tiny 13 inch macbook and am 5'6" so we are pretty much same boat, this is why I don't own a GST but a couple PST's instead. The GST is too heavy for me to use as a work bag and too big (and heavy) for me as just a purse.... I also have a Chloe Betty and another LV messenger type bag that I switch off with for work bags and they are all by far lighter weight than the GST sorry to say...... I think a Cerf would be perfect but it is such a simple bag (though beautiful).
  8. It's not a good tote for a laptop.
  9. My laptop doesn't fit in my GST.
    There is a Chanel (maybe from the Brooklyn ligne??) It's patchwork patent/smooth and has a sideway entry. It looked big enough to accommodate a laptop, but I haven't actually touched it. When DH was shopping for me the other day (I still can't believe it!!) he said that's what he was looking for, but got me the medallion tote in beige (which was what I really wanted). He said the black bag came in two sizes. Maybe that would work, but there's no way my laptop can get in my GST. As it is, I have to put it in a rolling briefcase and drag it behind me (the laptop, not the GST ;)