Need recs for *berry* lipstick!

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  1. Well I ran out of my favorite berry shade - Chantecaille Quasar which they no longer make :cry:

    SO I'm in the market for a new berry lipstick. Prefer one pretty moisturizing and shiny (not the never-come-off formulas as I can't stand the dryness!). I have access to Nordies brands (MAC, Trish, BB, Stila...)

    I would much appreciate any specific brands/names! I recently tried Clinique Black Honey but blech - it came out orangish red on me, not berry :yucky: I guess it must be my coloring that turned it :cry: I had high hopes for this one!
  2. Hi, think Urban Decay or Hard Candy make berry lipstick.
  3. I'll move this to our all new Beauty Bar!
  4. I love clinique black honey, but then my skin is very fair so maybe that is why it looks alright on me.
    Have you tried stila 'natalie' ? It was named after natalie portman wore it in star wars and it really is a beautiful berry shade.
  5. Remember Three Custom Color Specialists and I think Prescriptives can re-create your shade!
  6. Check out Chanel's lipstick called Soft Mink. It's a fabulous color!
  7. I also recommend Stila - Natalie, or Ava besides that:

    Chantecaille lip sheers in Pluto or Nebula
    Cargo in Nevis or CeCe
    Mac Lustre in Capricious
    Stila High Shine lip color Electra
    Jane Iredale lipsheres in Laura, Diana or Babe
    Laura Mercier lip kisses in Berry Slush
    Nars Gipsy

    Of all of these I like the most Stila Natalie, Cargo Nevis and the Jane Iredale lip sheres. Peggy
  8. Check out the Avon series my lip miracle--Salma Hayek used to wear a Berry color that was gorgeous from that line
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