Need Rec's for a new wallet

  1. I've been using a kate spade just like this one (only mine is pink/green)

    kate spade

    I generally like the size and function, but was thinking of trying another brand. Also, trying to keep the price to $350 or less. Any suggestions?

  2. anyone??
  3. I bought a Lovcat wallet from Nordstrom 1.5 years ago and I am still in love with it. It is a bright Spring green snakeskin with three little dangling charms. It is super cute and I get compliments on it, almost everytime I pull it out of my bag.

    Only cost $120....they have cute designs; don't know if you like "cute". Some people like elegant or sleek. Lovcat's not that, typically.
  4. Liberate yourself from the tyranny of wallethood and upgrade to the modern prestige of a cardholder!

    Rolfs is a fine old brand, no better quality at any price, and a nice selection of styles, about $10-12 at Boscov's.
  5. I have bags from several different designers but have only Ferragmo wallets. They have held up well and are suprisingly "affordable" (compared to LV, Gucci, etc.) Definitely under $350 (unless there have been dramatic price increases I don't know about).
  6. I'm completely with bleeaptn. I have tons of different bags, (I'm rockin the Marni today.:p ) But only Ferragamo wallets for me! I always get tons of compliments whenever I take out my wallet (which I do prolly too much). They hold up great and have lots of different compartments. Plus Ferragamo has great service. They clean them for free or send any of products out to be repaired or replaced without any questions. In regards to the price, you can't beat their after-Christmas sales. That kind of leather for only that price? ...You just can't say no.
  7. As silly as it may sound, I love Juicy Couture's wallets. They're quite different from the typical signature wallets people tend to carry around, and they feel equally at home in a backpack or in a designer purse. Plus, they have just enough attitude to make me smile when I pull out my credit cards. Right now I'm using a black leather one with a metal scroll accent, which cost me around 150 at the Juicy store. Of course, I'm from California, where Juicy accessories are pretty popular with the college set.
  8. Thanks everyone! I'll take a look at Ferragamo, but after looking at the HH and Laundry wallets...I just might order both! I'd been looking at Gucci (basic tan/brown logo with rose leather trim), and LV vernis koala in the bright pink(i think that's what it's called), but I just have a hard time spending $600 for a wallet.
  9. I love my Gucci wallet. I used it for about 5 years now and it still looks brand new. And it's the only wallet I use.
  10. well, I just made the mistake of looking at the LV vernis Pomme d' Amour wallets....and omg!!! They're so pretty. :love: (although i like the framboise a lot too) The two that I like the best are the koala @ $675 (ouch) and the Billfold @ $575. Either seems crazy to spend for a wallet. Of course the most affordable option...the Ludlow @ $335, looks like it has absolutely no room for anything! hmmmmm....what to do....what to do?
  11. I have a Monsac wallet and love it to death! the glossy vachetta leather is so pretty - and durable - and its available in all sorts of gorgeous colors. Its not a glamorous brand, for sure, but it looks like a million bucks.
  12. Yea! I love the idea of having some color that I can switch around between purses, no matter what the color of the purse! I like those because seem like would be a nice compliment to most colors...

    I haven't been able to allow myself to spend over $300-$400 on a wallet either... I figure I personally would rather take the extra $300 leftover from not spending it on a more expensive wallet and put it towards a bag... That's what works out pretty good for me right now...