Need recs for a good quality everyday work bag

  1. I just got a new job :yahoo:

    I've been a student for the last year or two and don't have any 'career' bags - I used an old one for the interview (kept it closed to hide the fact that the lining was shot to pieces although the exterior was good as new).

    I'd like to treat myself to a new everyday work bag - I'll be working in a fairly dynamic office so want something professional but funky. Nothing too high end though as I'm still on a student budget (not for long though :smile: ) Colour wise I'm thinking neutral either dark brown, black, tan or navy.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm in the UK so has to be something I can get here or shipped internationally.
  2. You'll find that this is a common question, though folks are happy to help individuals answer it, especially if you give details on these kinds of things:

    --price range
    --what you need to carry in it (laptop? files? lunch? water bottle?)
    --type of profession you're in
    --culture of office you work for
    --kind of straps you prefer (detachable, long, short, etc.)
  3. OOh passerby you always have such great finds!
    I don't know if you saw - but I also like the other bag you have posted on another thread about the ko.des bag - I really like that one too!

    I think I will turn to you for my next bag advice! ;)
  4. tenmosquito, thanks for the kind words, especially since I don't actually OWN a leather bag now! :smile:

    Must confess that for the Tabitha bags, some posters posted about them earlier.

    Love the British sense of humour:

    "Always made with the best quality buffalo leather, plenty of pockets and trimmings, Tabitha designs are one of our favourites here at A Little Sin, every staff member has been seduced by at least one bag. I am currently carrying a Tabitha Treacle in Brown, grabbed from the delivery box and rugby tackled to the floor, it had to be done!
    Price: £205.00"




  5. Curlsaloud, I did a search here on "Tabitha" and found that Tabitha isn't your cup of tea. So ...

    Jenny Yuen - never heard of her until it was mentioned in the "Under the radar" thread by jadejett. If you add customs duties and shipping charges, then it may cost much more than the USD500:


    It has seven pockets in total!

    How about Jas MB?

    No other colours available:

  6. I have used my Longchamp Rodeo bag as an everyday work bag. It can fit a small laptop and A4-sized items, which is definitely a bonus.

    If you do up the zippers, the bag will transform into more classic, rectangular shape.

  7. Oooh that longchamp one is nice!

    My budget is around £300 or about $600 US dollars. Just found the Longchamp on and it's a bit over budget, but maybe I could make the old one last a month or so to get the Longchamp..... Totally forgot about Tabitha - will check their stuff out. Also been looking at Francesco Biasia, but can't find anything I like just yet.

    The job is at a University Business School and is very dynamic/fast/smart. I'll be Web & IT Manager - so excited!
  8. Longchamp make really good bags, or how about Mulberry? maybe a bit over your budget, but the Bayswater at £495 is a classic bag, and will last a lifetime (it looks like a Hermes Birkin) you can usually find some on sale, I know the Harvey Nichols in Leeds had a few on sale a while ago...