Need recommendations

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  1. I won a bit of money gambling last week and am looking to buy a large shoulder bag. I'm leaning towards the cabas mezzo but it's a bit plain. Mono is my first choice but I'm not married to it. I want something about the size of a Balenciaga City. The key words are "large" and "shoulder". Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! TIA!

    I already have a batignolles, a bucket, an alma, and a speedy 30,BTW, so I'm looking for something larger than these.
  2. i was going to suggest the saleya gm in damier but not sure how you like the damier pattern. or the new damier hampstead gm?

    have you tried the multiplicite bag in monogram or is that too small?
  3. hands down........ damier hampstead gm, from what I read it's huge.
  4. How with Denim Baggy or MC Aurelia?
  5. I just now saw one of these on another tPFer's post and I LOVE it!! They are sold out on elux--do you think the boutiques still have any?
  6. Hampstead!
  7. Hampstead is FAB!
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    I've called 866 before and they have told me they could locate some of the other bags I've wanted before.... maybe they could locate a hampstead for you.
  9. There's the Hampstead GM or the Saleya GM
  10. try something outside of the mono line if you already have a few of them. The aurelia in multicolor comes in 2 sizes and the larger one is very big!
  11. Very true- if you want something different than normal mono and colorful the aurelia GM is about the same size as the mezzo. But- it doesn't zip. I haven't had any trouble with stuff coming out of mine tho cause it is so deep. Definitely a HUGE bag!

    The hampstead is nice too if you want Damier but it also doesn't zip. The pattern is slowly growing on me. I have heard it's massive in the GM version. The MM is a nice size too.

    If you are used to a batignolles the zip thing shouldnt be an issue cause you are used to it.

    Also- there is a new Beverly XXL in mono that is out and was on Elux but I dont see it now. It's definitely still available tho by calling a store or 866. Might want to look at it? It looks like a great shoulder bag with an updated look. The size is approx 20x13x9 so it's really big. The aurelia gm is 18x12x7.

    I'm not sure what your price range is but if you like denim and want really big the denim cabas raye GM is gorgeous! And it has a shoulder strap. The size is 8x12x20.
    I also agree with another poster. I have the denim baggy GM and it's my fave bag but I wouldnt consider it big like the others.
  12. I also say Hampstead GM!!
  13. hampstead was big irl. really big. very nice.
  14. How about a saleya?
  15. Thanks for the suggestions! I am going to ask my SA if they have/can order a Hampstead for me when I go shopping this weekend. I will also look at the Saleya and the Beverly (if they have one).

    One final question: anyone have or know anything about the Parioli?