need recommendations with a limit of $300

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  1. This is my first time posting on this particular forum. I have jewelry but am more into bags. Well my bf is going to get me my first (real) ring from him for around 300. I don't want any lab created rings. If it's colored gemstones I'd like sapphires. I'm not really into green, yellow, brown, etc. gemstones. I'm having trouble knowing where to even start looking for a ring I might like. I was wondering what brand would be the best bang for the buck basically. TIA.
  2. YOu could check online..there's a lot out there!
  3. Well, we bought my original engagement ring from the Shane Company (I know some here have different opinions of them, but I have always had a great experience) and we've bought pearls as well as sapphire earrings there.

    Not sure what your style is, but they definitely have rings for your price point.
    Love this sapphire one.

    And this emerald one is gorgeous.

    They have lots of pretties! :smile:
  4. I think David Yurman has some pieces in the $395 range
  5. always has a great selection of jewelry too.
  6. thanks for all your help guys! I just needed a point in the right direction :smile: I already have a sapphire diamond ring from another ex but I just wanted a bit of an upgrade and I didn't really know too much about jewelry brands.
  7. Paintednightsky, I know you said you liked Sapphires, but if you've got a budget of $300, have you considered an Aquamarine stone? It's a very beautiful stone and has lasting appeal. At $300, I'm afraid that you'd be stuck with a low quality Sapphire, but you could find a high quality, clear Aquamarine with a gold setting in that range that would be a keeper forever! Just remember to look for a setting that will protect the stone well, as its' hardness is much less than a Sapphire, but is still doable for use as a ring- opt for white gold set instead of yellow (looks better IMHO). Good luck!!