Need recommendations to buy gucci for wife

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  1. Hi I wanted to present my wife with a gucci handbag. No particular style she has in I was wondering if you could help me with two things as this is supposed to be a surprise -
    (a) is it okay to buy gucci bags from
    (b) would you rather suggest i go buy from a departmental store like nordstorms, macys (i don't even know if macys carry them but just asking if store is better than online especially in terms of deals and low prices?
    (c) according to you, which is the most honorable and reliable online site where I can buy a gucci with my eyes closed?

    your help would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. I wouldn't personally buy Gucci from Amazon. If not from, then I would go to a department store website like Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, etc.
  3. I would'nt buy from I would buy from Saks, Neiman Marcus, or the Gucci store. The only downside with is that you can't see the bag in person. I would go to the stores if you can and see the bags.:yes:
  4. I agree I would be hesitant to order from Amazon. Check the website of Gucci, they have great sales every now and then.

    There are couple of things to consider for your wife's bag:
    - budget
    - size , does she like small or large ( depends on her lifestyle)
    - shoulder bag or tote
    - fit in the shoulder ( if its easy to be carried around)
    - leather or canvass

    sorry if i sound overwhelming to you . but buying a handbag is like any other homework for me. do some research , i would recommend also to check ( bag borrow or ) , not to buy from but to get more ideas about a certain handbag.. hope this helps. im pretty sure that you are going to make your wife really happy about this !:graucho:
  5. Check out can get a good deal there...
  6. Be careful with Jomashop though. Some of their regular prices are higher than so the saving prices are not as great as they sound. Make sure you do your research. Your wife is very lucky!!My bf refuses to buy me any Gucci.