Need Recommendations on SUVs, PLEASE!

  1. So DH and I are looking to buy an SUV. We haven't gone out to test drive yet. Here are our criteria

    - Safety & reliability
    - Comfort & utilities
    - optional 3-row seats
    - good entertainment options
    - decent gas mileage

    So far we've talked about these choices: BMW X5, Acura MDX, Lexus (RX looks too small and the GX looks too big?), Volvo and Land Rover. I am biased towards BMWs and DH Acuras as those are the cars we drive currently.;)

    Do you have any good recommendations/feedback? Thanks!
  2. Had the Lexus GX and totally recommend it, it's not big at all.
    Maybe you're thinking of the LX? It's slightly larger.
    I also had a Mercedes SUV and really liked it, there's a new one that's gorgeous, much sportier than the ML.
  3. the lexus is hot!
  4. don't get a land rover, they're terrible cars. they have the lowest reliability rate of ANY car manufacturer. they may be very pretty, but that's about all you get.

    i'd recommend the Lexus GX (if you're looking for a third row seat, the RX would be too small) because it's based on the car i have, the Toyota 4Runner. i've had my 4Runner for 3 years now, and besides regular maintenance, i've never had to have a single thing worked on. it's easy to drive and park even though it's large, and i went with my mom when she test drove a GX, and the thing purred like a kitten.

    i've never heard a good review of the Volvo SUV - to me, it costs way too much for what you get (the interior is fairly sparse and not luxurious compared to the other companies), and the man that owns the shop that has worked on my mom's Volvos for 20 years bought one and absolutely HATED it (his shop is a Volvo specialist shop, so that's saying something).

    i'm a big fan of BMW, but i've heard some not-great reliability things about them lately. i also don't know if they offer a 3rd-row seat, i think the X5 seems kind of small for that. i test drove one when i bought my 4Runner, and honestly, i wasn't that impressed, particularly for the difference in price.

    ultimately, i wouldn't trade my 4Runner for anything on the road right now, so if you're looking for something a little more luxurious, the GX is a great bet.
  5. Lexus all the way. I have the RX 400h and I love it, but it will be a bit too small.

    Go with the GX, they are reliable, luxurious and just overall great cars :yes:
  6. I have a Lexus RX which is too small for you but I can tell you that Lexus makes great cars and the dealerships are wonderful to deal with so maybe go with the larger Lexus.

    I knew someone who bought a brand new Land Rover and got rid of it pretty quickly. He said it sucked.
  7. I have a Mercedes ML500 and it's wonderful. My husband has a Mercedes GL which is an even bigger SUV and he wouldn't trade it for the world. He used to have a BMW SUV and liked it a lot too, but the GL is bigger and he's a big guy so it fits him better.

    We've never had any out of the ordinary problems with either of the Mercedes, nor did we when we owned the BMW. I would recommend either make.
  8. I have a 2001 Lexus RX300 and I love it. I have no problem with it at all. I just wish I could afford a RX400h.

    I love Lexus
  9. I used to have a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was a fabulous car. The only reason I sold it was because I moved across the country and no longer needed it.
  10. If decent gas mileage is important for you DO NOT go towards Land Rover ...I have a Range Rover and God I love it to death its SO beautiful & comfy but it costs ALOT for gas....but id still choose it over the X5 or any of those...the Range Rover is out of its league!
  11. i have the lexus rx 350 and i adore it! ADORE!!! test drive it and u will fall in love!
  12. Acura MDX :tup: all the way! It drives so well, is so comfortable, classy, and not flashy. I love mine. I have the 2004 Touring with Navigation (GPS is key!). Not a single problem since, and I am not good at taking care of my car. I'm with your DH on this one. Once you get an Acura, you never go back! My last car before was an Acura Vigor. Same thing, 3 fender benders, never got my oil changed or checkups, poor thing was so neglected but like a true companion, NEVER let me down.
    With the Acura MDX, it's reliable, go for the Touring package with Nav +/- DVD (we went without because I think we'll get individual ones in the future) and reasonably priced if I were to need repairs... Go Acura!

    BTW my bro has a BMW X5 :tdown:. Little things here and there, nothing major but lots of pains in the butt, and little $ here, little $ there, it adds up. He would agree :tdown:.
  13. The Acura MDX is an excellent is more practical than my other car the Lexus RX350.....when I need room I always hop into my MDX.