Need recommendations on new LV wallet.

Apr 20, 2009
I'd like a wallet that is very functonal (I'm not used to a zipper wallet, but the kind that snap closes). But unfortunately, most LV's that snap close are thicker. I need something that is durable that will fit in many type bags and also something that is a not as large as the check-sized wallets (more of a french purse size or just slightly larger). Any suggestions? I looked at the "medium" sized zippy today, but not sure if I can get used to the zipper for easy access. Thanks in advance!


May 11, 2011
I used to have a french purse and it was great since its mid size length so not too big, but once i got too many cards it started bulging and getting too thick so i went to the LV store and found a new wallet.

I now own the Sarah wallet and love it because it is functional, easy to get in/out of (snap button) and its great to be able to just carry around when i dont have my bag with me

depends on which line you're looking into too since some styles are only avail to certain lines, anyways if you think the sarah is too long, there is the tresor, alexandra, the zippy compact you mentioned, and the secret which is quite nice actually and opens all the way since the leather is more flexible than the hard canvas of the zippy compact

drop by the store and ask the SA to bring them out so you can carry it and try it on to see how you like it =) good luck!


Sep 26, 2007
I have the Alexandra, it's a medium size wallet and feels good in the hand but can get a little bulky. I went to LV to have a look at the origami wallet, it felt and even smelt like plastic it was very cheap looking so I don't recommend this one.