Need recommendations ladies!!!

  1. So this is my first time here in the Beauty Bar and I am very excited to get everyones opinions. I am on the hunt for a night serum, lotion, etc... for under eyes. I am 20 yrs old, have very fair skin and I feel like my undereyes are always dark and their are even wrinkles joke. I really want something that will help the dark circles and prevent aging. Please if anyone knows anything that will help, please let me know.. Thank you everyone!
  2. I switch around a lot with eye creams because I have a habit of buying new beauty products whenever I see something new, so here are the ones I am currently using and liking so far.
    -benefit eyecon
    -Clinique all about eyes
    -Chanel Sublimage
  3. I have been using Chanel Sublimage Eye for several months now and the difference is amazing. It is expensive though.
  4. another vote for chanel sublimage. i'm almost done with my first jar and i am kicking myself for not stocking up at one of the beauty events/f&f
  5. Wow...I was checking out the prices for the Chanel and it is sadly out of my price range...ladies anymore suggestions (with a lower price =)
  6. I also use the Chanel sublimage - I had to save up for it (they actually have a smaller/different sublimage for eyes now) but have had the same bottle since the week they released it - it is very concentrated and lasts forever!
  7. I've been using Chanel Sublimage for about 3 months now but I haven't really seen any difference :sad: However, I do love the eye cream itself.
  8. I've been using StriVectin Eye. I really like it, and it's reasonably priced--59. The tube is 2 ounces, and I've been using the same tube for almost a year now. I use it am and pm.
  9. i use mario badescu, they keep the skin elastic.. but im not sure about the darkness, since i dont really develop it under my eyes
  10. I'd suggest clinique 'all about eyes'

  11. GETTING A BOTTLE TODAY ! :smile:
  12. I use Chanel Rectifiance. I got a sample jar of Sublimage from NM and I only used it a few times and then gave it away. I just wasn't impressed with it... I thought it seemed runny compared to Rectifiance and it irritated my eyes like crazy. Rectifiance is a LOT cheaper too. I think the kind I buy is only $50 and it lasts me a few months!
  13. My Dad and I bought use this but it has done nothing for us and we've ben using it for over a year!! so we just have two bottles sitting around..
  14. I use a few reasonably-priced products (switch around due to I love buying all these potions, LOL)

    -Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum
    -Olay Definity Eye Illuminator I find this does lessen somewhat the undereye circles
    -ROC Lift and Define Eye Cream
    -ROC Retinol Correction Eye Cream.