Need recommendations for women's hybrid bike

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  1. I am looking around at the women's hybrid bikes and am feeling so overwhelmed with all the choices. I plan to ride on paved trails and look forward to spending between $500-$700. Can anyone suggest one with a comfortable saddle too? TIA!
  2. There are two types of hybrid bikes: performance and comfort.

    If you want a more of an "exercise, speed bike" I recommend the former. The wheels are smaller and the frame is lighter. Comfort is more if you are looking for more leisurely rides with a comfortable seat. You'll also be more upright on the bike.

    I highly recommend reading this article on them if you're looking for a performance bike:

    I personally have had the Trek FX 7.1 (performance bike) for about four years and love it.

    Your best bet is to go to a bunch of different bike shops and test out each brand. No bike shops carries all the brands (they're almost like car dealerships), so definitely take some time testing at different locations before you purchase the bike.
  3. I am definitely looking into the performance bike. I will take a look at the article. What do you love about your a trek? I test rode the 7.3, but also test rode so many others too. Did something stand out that made you choose the Trek?
  4. At the time I was only looking at entry level hybrids and the Trek had the best feel on the test ride of all the brands I tested. Definitely reference that article though. The Sweethome/Wirecutter are my go-to's whenever I need advice for non-fashion related purchases :smile:.
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  5. How's the saddle feel on it after a few uses? I am hoping that in the long run it will mold to my body and I won't have to buy a different one.
  6. I commute and ride every day/weekend and a comfortable saddle is essential ....I changed my saddle on my road bike as it was a mens bike and just so so uncomfortable everytime I rode I couldn't sit on it .. go to a decent bike store and get a fit out and try different bikes ... take you time as you have to find the right bike for you. I know what I want for my next bike...Factor Bike
  7. The saddle is fine. If I do a long ride my bum is going to be sore the next day. Don't buy based on the saddle - that's easily interchangable as the above poster mentioned. Buy whatever bike you feel most secure in, give the saddle a go a few times and if you don't like it, buy a new one.

    Another tip for a long ride is padded bike shorts. They're basically spandex shorts with a big maxi pad in them :lol:.